the doctor’s advice displaces everyone

During the episode released on Thursday 26 May of The Kardashians, Kourtney she told her expert in Ayurvedic cleansing, a technique of cleansing the body of toxins, about the advice her fertility doctor gave her. According to her instructions it should ingesting Barker’s sperm. Bizarre as it is, such an indication is directly supported by a study of the Columbia University: taking the male seminal fluid would increase the fertility of the females, strengthen the immune system, removing pathologies such as pre-eclampsia and spontaneous abortions.

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“[Il medico] he told us to, well, he told me the thing that would help [la mia tiroide] was drinking his like four times a week, ”Kourtney revealed embarrassed. “I love this doctor”added an amused Barker, saying he has sperm of first quality. The couple had already announced the use of the assisted fertilization and the new series about the Kardashian-Jenner family, this path, including medical examinations, was documented.

kourtney and travis wedding
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Unfortunately, Poosh’s founder’s egg retrieval did not go well, so the couple began a massive fast, which banned sex, caffeine and exercise. “Oh my God, that was crazy,” Kourtney said in an interview with Bustle, adding: “But actually made everything better. For example, if you can’t take caffeine, when you drink your first matcha, it’s delicious ”. The two therefore decided to undertake this path, hoping to achieve the goal.

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Kourtney and Travis son: we fly towards the fourth celebration

Meanwhile, the couple got married for the third time in a month, the last of which with a ceremony a Portofinolicense plate Dolce & Gabbana. The two newlyweds celebrated with families and some friends, but a big miss was Rob Kardashian, the brother, who did not feel like attending due to the presence of the cameras. However the couple will celebrate a fourth time when she returns to Los Angeles and maybe the announcement of a baby coming soon might come soon.

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Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker wedding
Photo: Instagram @kourtneykardashian

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