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    Today the Book Fair has started in Madrid, which this year celebrates its 81st edition, as usual, in the Buen Retiro Gardens. Thousands of professionals from the guild and reading enthusiasts have gone there, surely many participants of ELLE Reading Club. Among all these book lovers, We have also been able to see Queen Letizia, who has been the clear protagonist of today’s session.

    With her fabulous fuchsia pink dress signed by Hugo Boss and rescued from her closet, Queen Letizia has toured the different booths that make up the Madrid Book Fair. She has been interested in many of them, she has chatted with the vendors and has participated as a spectator in some workshops with children. At one of her stops, specifically at booth No. 236, Queen Letizia has shown special interest. So much so that we know that she has taken one of her books to the palace. She has not left empty-handed and already has a new reading for these days and it is a ‘best seller’. Queen Letizia has left the Madrid Book Fair with ‘The Wild Girl’, by Delia Owens (Attic of the books), in his possession.

    Wild Girl by Delia Owens.

    Book Attic

    This book, which today practically needs no introduction, is already a ‘best seller’ all over the world. From Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who has included him in her book club to Reese Witherspoon have already been hooked on the story of ‘Wild Girl’, by Delia Owens. In fact, the American actress and producer bought the rights years ago with Fox to produce the film.

    The film of ‘The Wild Girl’, one of the most anticipated by viewers, will hit Spanish cinemas on September 1, 2022. It is produced by Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Neustadter, and the leading actress will be Daisy Edgar-Jones, known for the BBC series Normal People. Singer Taylor Swift has written the exclusive single ‘Carolina’ for the soundtrack.

    What is ‘Wild Girl’ about?

    In Barkley Cove, a quiet fishing village, strange rumors circulate about the “marsh girl”. Since she was six years old, Kya wanders completely alone between canals and reedbeds, barely covered and barefoot. Although she only attends school one day, the marsh and her creatures have no secrets for her: they feed her, cradle her, protect her, they are her teachers and her playmates. Ella kya learns to decipher the signs of nature before she knows how to read a book. But it is not long before her beauty blossoms: unusual, wild and elusive, she ignites the desire of the town boys. Kya discovers love, her sweetness and her cheating.

    When the lifeless body of Chase Andrews appears in the marshes, all eyes are focused on her, the mysterious forgotten girl: murmurs immediately turn to accusations, suspicions to unshakable certainties. The trial, in and out of court, drags the story towards its unpredictable and dazzling epilogue.

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