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    if you have seen ‘Stranger Things’ It is quite possible that you are passionate about its nostalgic packaging and have detected some similarity with some of the best films in the history of cinema, especially mythical films from the 80s. That decade deeply marked the creators of fiction. In fact, for the Duffers there are two creators who have been key in making the successful Netflix series. We refer to Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

    Do you want to know the best movie references in ‘Stranger Things’? We tell you. The spirit of Spielberg is very present in the character of Eleven that has a special connection with ‘ET’. Like the alien, the gang rescues her, hides her and puts her in a dress belonging to the sister of one of them and a blonde wig. Also the escape by bicycle is a wink. Eleven would also be related to the film ‘Scanners’, whose protagonists had special abilities to get into the minds of others and cause damage. Also, you can see details of ‘Carrie’ in this character, capable of taking revenge on his enemies with his powerful thought.

    series sequence

    Courtesy of Netflix

    The scene of the train tracks is practically the same as that of ‘Count on me’, movie about some guys looking for a missing friend. ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Super 8’ are represented in the gang itself made up of some guys as peculiar as their predecessors (if you’re a fan, don’t miss the best current teen series). While Joyce is inspired by the Roy Neary of ‘Meetings of the Third Kind’, character who almost went crazy trying to explain the strange events he was experiencing. On the other hand, Will’s mother communicates with him when he is in another dimension like the protagonists of ‘Poltergeists’. While Will’s possession is quite reminiscent of that of ‘The exorcist’.

    The aesthetic of the Upside Down is inspired by ‘The Pan’s Labyrinth’, by Guillermo del Toro, and the Demogorgon remembers his monster which also has ‘Alien’ details. ‘The thing’, by John Carpenter, served to reproduce the plot of the scientists.

    Do you remember Rob Lowe in ‘ST. Elmo rendezvous point’? His character is the mirror in which Billy looks at himself, who wears a nailed aesthetic.

    Surely if you have listened to the soundtrack of season 3, one of its songs will have sounded to you. Yes, it’s the one ‘The endless story’. Another referent.

    ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ they are present in one of the tricks that Max performs when he has to drive. Sticking a box to the pedals is something that had already occurred to TapĆ³n.

    Many spotted a strong resemblance in Dustin’s hairstyle at the famous prom to Duckie’s from ‘The girl in pink’. the nod to ‘The Ghostbusters’ It is more than evident at the Halloween party when the panda dresses up as these.

    cast scene dressed as ghostbusters

    Jackson Davis / NETFLIX

    ‘That exciting course’ it is present in the aesthetics of the disappeared Starcourt and when Dustin says that his girl is prettier than Phoebe Cates, one of his protagonists. There is also a parallel between this and Billy’s pool sequence.

    ‘Karate Kid’ is another of the honored films. There is a sequence where we see a signed photo of Ralph Macchio.

    ‘Frankenstein’ appears in season 2 and Eleven gets emotional watching said movie. We also remember gremlins when Dustin establishes a particular relationship with that slimy bug in the same installment.

    ‘Shark’ it appears on a poster in Will’s room and in some footage. While ‘Nightmare in Elm street’ It is one of the most represented from the beginning of the series until the fourth installment, which turns out to be a strong tribute to the Freddy Krueger tapes. In the beginning, that way in which the monster crossed the walls was reproduced, as happened in Nancy’s room. In the fourth season of ‘Stranger things’, fiction that is already crowned one of the best Netflix series, we see how Vecna, the new monster, has hands that are reminiscent of the mythical blades of the murderer, in addition, nightmares are part of the common thread of the plot that is darker and more addictive than ever.

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