outfits that transcend trends

It is about choosing basic clothes that are easy to combine with each other to achieve a look that adapts to any daily situation. Best of all, they are long-lasting and do not follow fad trends.

It will have happened to more than one of us to have an event or event and think: “I don’t have to wear” when our closet is full of clothes. This often happens because we follow the trends of the moment and then our clothes are not very useful.

If this is your case, the concept of timeless fashion will help you. When we talk about basic garments we refer to those that we can combine with each other and adapt them to the occasion with accessories. For example: a white t-shirt and dark jeans can be the perfect pair to go to work, go out for a picnic with friends or go out at night.

How do we adapt it for each occasion? If it’s for work, you can complete your look with flats and a black blazer or jacket. If you are going out with friends, you can wear black sneakers or sandals and a cross-over jacket similar to leather. On the other hand, if you are going to party on a Saturday night, some bright heels and accessories will make all the difference.

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Within this range of garments, dresses, shirts, coats or jackets and skirts also count, but it must be taken into account that they are neutral colors and easy to combine. Another example: a black dress looks great with low boots and a jacket for work.

You can also wear it with a jean jacket and low sandals to go out during the day, or combine it with gold hoop earrings and high-heeled shoes, in the color of your choice, to go out at night.

Although “basic garments” sounds common or boring, it is not, the style and vibe is provided by us. Each of the named garments adapt to timeless fashion and can give us an executive or rockstar look, for that the accessories, the makeup we choose and how we fix our hair influence, in that lies its magic: versatility.

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