Not all of Johnny Depp’s exes have declared that he was an angel

Although public opinion seems to have been overwhelmingly in favor of Johnny Depp in the media trial against Amber Heard for defamation, not all of the actor’s former partners who have been called to testify have done so in his favor. While Kate Moss has denied an old rumor that the actor had pushed her down some stairs when they had a romantic relationship in the nineties, Ellen Barkin and Jennifer Gray have not made a too flattering portrait of the interpreter of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Although, since Amber Heard published in 2018 in the ‘Washington Post’ that opinion piece in which insinuated that Depp had mistreated her (and that it has earned him demand for 50 million dollars which is currently being judged in court), there are several former girlfriends of the actor who have come out in his defense.

However, not all the women who have maintained some type of sexual-affective relationship with him share the same good memory that Vanessa Paradis or Winona Ryder say they have (although it should be remembered that these have not testified before the judge).

The official testimony of Ellen Barkin

Kate Moss and Ellen Barkin (along with Heard, of course) are the only Depp exes to have testified at the trial. The second, with whom he had a relationship when they worked together on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (premiered in 1998), has done so through a recording. In her details the actor’s jealous temper and a violent incident involving him.

ellen barkin

The actress says of Depp that “he is a jealous and controlling man” and that in their relationship there were many “don’t do this, don’t do that” and “Where are you going? Who were you with? What did you do last night?”. In addition, she says that “once he got very angry about a scratch on his back“, insisting that it was because he had slept with someone who was not him.

He also testified regarding a night when the actor threw a bottle of wine in his direction and that of other people They were in a hotel room. Although the actress doesn’t remember who she was arguing with, she believes she was possibly with one of her friends or assistants. And it is that she does remember that she called one of her assistants “pig”.

However, Depp has denied that the incident occurred and assures that Barkin’s statement is motivated by the “grudge” that he harbored since, according to the words of the actor and musician, she wanted a formal relationship with but not Johnny.

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Memoirs of Jennifer Gray

On the other hand, in the memoirs of actress Jennifer Grey, star of Dirty Dancingpublished on May 3, recalls, among other episodes, how was a romance with the interpreter that, over time, became “complicated” and “conflictive”.

The couple was together for 9 months, when she was 29 and he was 26 years old. Gray says that her representative organized a blind date: “We ate, we talked, we drank Jack Daniel’s, we laughed out loud… He was gorgeous, surprisingly open, funny, quirky and sweet.”. After that first encounter, it only took them two weeks to start dating and they even adopted a dog named Lulu together.


Jennifer Gray in ‘Dirty Dancing’

However, over time, the actor changed: “He started getting into trouble regularly: bar fights and conflicts with the police. He started missing flights because he overslept or when he came home he would get crazy jealous and paranoid about what I had done while he was away” says Jennifer in Out of the corner.

I attributed his bad mood and unhappiness to feeling miserable and powerless not being able to leave the series young cops” he assures. Nine months had passed since the beginning of their relationship when she left him through a note. They never spoke again after that.

Out of the Corner: A Memoir

Out of the Corner: A Memoir

iO Tillett Wright

He is not Depp’s ex and has testified at the trial as a friend of Amber Heard but writer and photographer iO Tillett Wright claims that the actor made a confession to him that agrees with everything Gray and Barkin told. And it is that Depp would have told him that he “had experienced huge bouts of jealousy in previous relationships, that this led him to drinking a lot Y act many times moved by rage. She told me that’s what happened with Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis,” says Wright.

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