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In what was May, Netflix launched major premieres, which obtained record audience numbers. True to its style, the Streaming platform has also already announced some of the upcoming releases, among which stand out stranger things either Who killed Sarah?

However, not all subscribers are so happy with Netflix. On the contrary, some of them went to Twitter to complain about the cancellation of a historical film.

Is about “super bad”translated as “Super cool”, which was released in 2007, and, in turn, was responsible for launching to fame Emma Stone. From her participation in comedy, her career took off highly, later becoming one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood, and of course, the most famous.

Emma Stone in Super cool.

In less than a week, the streaming platform will cancel the film starring the renowned actors, Michael Cera Y Jonah Hill.

“On May 31 they release Super cool from Netflix, they need to release Breaking Bad and Netflix falls”one user wrote, and several others went out to bank it.

The outrage of a fan of the hit comedy.

“How come on May 31 they release Super cool?”commented another fan of the film, and received the response of another user: “We break everything friend”, sentenced this

After more than 10 years, without a doubt, the film continues to be a success, and fans of the film have probably seen it again and again.

Upon its release in 2007, “Superbad” was very well received by audiences, and received a favorable reception from critics. In fact, he managed to get an 88% approval.

What is Super Cool about?

For those who don’t remember, or haven’t seen it yet, the hit comedy tells the adventures of two teenagers, Seth, played by Jonah Hilland Evan, under the performance of Michael Cera.

These high school students have high hopes for a party that has Jules, played by Emma Stone, as a hostess. They want, finally, not to feel ignored by society and plan to have a great time at their party, with the aim of “being part” of their peers.

Netflix will remove the famous comedy from its catalog.

The pair of Jonah Hill Y Michael Cera was highly praised at the time, reminiscent of those classic comedy duos, such as Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello.

However, in 2018, fans of Super cool They completely revolutionized, when they premiered manicthe film that reunited on the screen, after 11 years, to Emma Stone Y Jonah Hill.

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