La Nación / Get to know the powerful benefits of black garlic

Black garlic is a very popular ingredient in Asian cuisine and as well as its color and texture, it also has a bountiful amount of nutritional benefits. The best? When consumed, it does not leave an odor in the mouth.

Also known as “aged garlic”, this superfood is obtained through a fermentation process of common garlic. The first characteristic to highlight is its dark color, after which its flavor also changes, as it becomes softer, sweeter and easier to digest.

Regarding its composition, when it goes through this process it becomes up to ten times more antioxidant, antibiotic, diuretic and digestive, which gives us interesting benefits to prevent and alleviate conditions.

It is a powerful natural diuretic: it provides a good dose of potassium that helps to deal with fluid retention, edema and kidney problems. Many even suggest that consuming it on an empty stomach will help eliminate toxins from the body. On the other hand, its allicin compound works as an antioxidant and antihypertensive, providing protection for the heart, blood circulation, and liver.

Its sulfur components stimulate the creation of collagen which favors the skin health of those who have some type of pathology such as: acne, dermatitis or rosacea. Another of its benefits is linked to moderating inflammatory processes, helping those who have muscle pain, arthritis, among other ailments.

Containing up to ten times more antioxidants such as phenols and saponin, it helps to stop the action of free radicals that cause cell oxidation and also increases our immune system.

There are 20 essential amino acids that our body needs, of these, black garlic provides 18! highlighting the isoleucine and leucine that are involved in the formation of muscle tissues. For this reason and because it is a strong energizer, its consumption is recommended for athletes.

It also works as a regulator of the nervous system, thanks to its contribution of nutrients it helps to lift your spirits, counteract depression and stress. Other of its virtues is that it improves digestive processes by preventing constipation, reduces blood cholesterol, thanks to its cysteine ​​content, which is anticancer.

If you are wondering how to consume it: you can add it to your preparations just like traditional garlic, many also take advantage of it raw by spreading it on toast, bread and cookies, but it is better not to eat it at night due to its energizing power.

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