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The couples of the American jet set are increasingly going towards the most absolute eccentricity -and if not, you only have to see the blood rituals to Machine Gun Kelly Y Megan fox-, and if you already enter the Kardashian clan, the news is assured. The last protagonists? kourtney kardashian Y Travis Barker.

And it is that if Gun Kelly and Fox follow a routine of drinking blood, now the eldest daughter of the Kardashians will drink the semen of her already husband, the American musician belonging to the band blink-182. And beware, it will not be a whim: the doctor has recommended it.

Although it sounds strange, the truth is that this process is part of the Panchakarma cleansing, a treatment related to Ayurveda whose purpose is to eliminate toxins from the depths of the tissues. Yes indeed, one of the requirements to carry it out is to ingest sperm.

The reason for all this is that, after his triple wedding, The already married couple would be looking to have their first child together. He has two children and she has three, although anyone who has seen their new reality show knows that they are very excited to continue consolidating their relationship. But they don’t have it easy.

In the same program it has already been seen that Kourtney is facing menopause due to the hormonal drugs she is taking, so in vitro fertilization is your best option. But despite having an alternative, he seems to have a lot of pressure at the moment and he does not fully live this sweet moment of his life that he is going through.

Your alternative to sperm

Although the expert in this type of medicine recommended that she do it, she was not too convinced. According to what she told her family before the cameras, her advice was to drink the semen four times a week, something that did not end up being too appetizing for the socialite.

Her husband was convinced by this controversial method, but she was not so much. In this way, the couple has chosen to give up semen but not detoxification, so they will only have to do without exercising, having sex and caffeine. If it finally works or not, it will end up knowing -surely- in the future of the reality show that they star in for Hulu and Disney+ in Spain.

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