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Kelly Rowland, whose full name is Kelendria Trene Rowland, was born in 1981 in Georgia, and is today considered one of the prominent protagonists of the contemporary R&B musical genre. Her rather powerful mezzo-soprano voice combined with considerable extension proved to be perfect for the musical trends of the 2000s: the artist herself claimed to have drawn inspiration from iconic artists. from the 1980s / 90ssuch as Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson.

After the debut of Kelly Rowland with Destiny’s Child, an all-female R&B group of which she participated in the foundation together with her cousin Beyoncé, the artist still manages to make her way as a soloist, not only in the world of music but also as an actress, dancer and music producer. In fact, she is Kelly Rowland and Beyoncéhad already started as a young girl to perform in a small girls band: noticed by Beyoncé’s father, music producer and manager, who identifies their potential, the girls consolidate their musical adventure with the debut of Destiny’s Child, and quickly reach success international.

Kelly Rowland’s career and Destiny’s Child

The beginning of the career with Destiny’s Child takes place in 1997, when the ex Girl’s Time Kelly Rowlands and Beyoncé they give life to a new female R&B group and almost immediately make their debut on the international scene.

With the exception of the two founders, the group’s line-up changed several times and, having reached the fourth album, the girls separated definitively: at the time, Kelly Rowland had already made her debut as a soloist.

In particular, his first personal album, released in 2002, achieves success thanks to “Dilemma”the duet between Kelly Rowland and Nelly: this single song gets seven million copies sold.

On the canal Kelly Rowland’s YouTube the video clip of the piece recorded with the well-known American rapper is still visible, shot in the location of a famous TV series, Desperate Housewives.

Subsequently, Kelly Rowland works solely as a soloist, with a second album that is released in 2007. Although it does not reach the popularity of Destiny’s Child, it still achieves excellent results, especially in Europe: the single taken from this album by Kelly Rowland, Workenters the top ten of several countries, including Italy.

In the following period, the collaboration between Kelly Rowland and David Guettathe well-known French DJ, once again achieves maximum international success.

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Kelly Rowland and David Guetta: When love take over

In 2009, the French artist and DJ David Guetta publish the single When love take over, extracted from his album One love. The song has a typically dance rhythm, as well as sampling a piece of the Coldplay. The collaboration between David Guetta and Kelly Rowland is expressed not only with the singer’s powerful voice, but also with a very original and evocative video, set in a city overlooking the sea.

The song, considered by critics as the best collaboration in the dance / pop / R&B context, allowed a Kelly Rowland to reassert himself as a talented solo artist, able to tackle complex musical projects: his vocalizations literally constituted an era in dance music of the 2000s.

The success achieved by the couple Kelly Rowland / David Guetta allows the artist to resume his career with determination, releasing two more albums and returning to the international scene during the 2021 Super Bowl, where he finds himself with Michelle Williams and Beyoncé in a reconstitution, one night onlyof the Destiny’s Child.

Kelly Rowland’s social life, curiosities and family

In recent years, Kelly Rowland has combined and alternated musical activity with other projects, especially as an actress and TV presenter, as well as participating as a coach in The Voice Australia and other shows for the search for new talents. The artist has also recently stated that she is ready for the release of a new album, following the forced breaks imposed by Covid.

A curiosity: Kelly Rowland’s voice is also present in a song by T.Egyptian Iron, Breathe Gentlewhere the American artist also sings a verse in Italian.

As for private life, Kelly Rowland she married her manager Tim Witherspoon after a long engagement, and their wedding, celebrated in Costa Rica, was attended by the ex Destiny’s Child Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. The couple have two children, Titan Jewell and Noah Jon:

Kelly Rowland’s Instagram profile often shows the artist with her husband and family. Recently, the artist he resumed the relationship with his father after 30 years: Kelly Rowland’s parents separated due to his alcoholism problems.

Kelly Rowland has also been involved in social work, supporting causes of great importance, come on LGBT rightsto support children in need, to the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter.

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