Katy Perry proved that her belly is not flat

If we look for an example to follow to motivate us about love and give ourselves confidence, Katy Perry Is the best option.

The famous singer has broken taboos more than once in her artistic careerdemonstrating that she is an empowered woman who he does not allow his self-esteem to be damaged by others.

Especially if we talk about physical changes, as some have criticized that the artist no longer has a stomach as flat as in the past.

Katy Perry: “I’m more interested in my happiness”

At the end of last year, The singer uploaded some photos on her social networks showing her belly.

Obviouslyafter her pregnancy in 2020, the artist still had extra kilos in comparison to how she was before becoming a mother, in addition to noticing certain stretch marks.

So some took on the task of criticizing the figure of the singer-songwriterboth celebrity blogs writing about their physique and people making bad comments on social networks.

But as a true empowered and self-confident woman, she replied:

“I really enjoyed my experience. I’m still 5 kilos heavier than when I got pregnant, but I’m in no hurry.”

“It’s been a yearI am more interested in your happiness (referring to your baby) and my happiness and mental health,” the singer continued.

Just to wrap up with a funny quote about your pregnancy experience and the biological changes in your body. “Hormones are something (…) Very interesting.”

Katy Perry proudly shows off her bikini physique

Months after the birth of her baby, the singer-songwriter was happy and happy enjoying a well-deserved vacation on the beach with the family.

Immediately, social networks exploded with divided comments about the body of the famous music star.

Most were about compliments and hearts at the moment mother and daughterbut a few focused on the love handles that her abdomen showed at the time.

Nevertheless, Katy proves to be above the bad vibes of certain users on social networks and dedicated himself to sharing his mother-daughter moment.

She left a comment on the post of how proud she was because her most precious treasure could already eat alone.

After that, the pop star continued to upload photos in their social networks showing their body as it is without filters or looking for angles to hide anything.

One more time, Perry gives lessons in self-love, breaks the taboos of perfect bodies and false beauty.

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