Julia Roberts and her daughter demonstrate their impressive resemblance

Julia Roberts has starred in some of the most emblematic Hollywood films of recent years and that has made her one of the most beloved and admired actresses in the world.

That is why all his fans are attentive to all aspects of his life and each one of the things you share through social networkshowever if there is something that has characterized the famous is that it is quite hermetic with her personal life.

This didn’t stop all the fans from freaking out when their teenage daughter, Hazel Moder, debuted in the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

The teenager came into this world as a product of the marriage between te Roberts and her husband, the director of photography Danny Moder.

At just 16 years old, the young woman dazzled next to her father on the red carpet for the premiere of Flag Day, directed by Sean Penn.

If something was in evidence during this event in which everyone could see father and daughter together, it is that Hazel bears a strong resemblance to the filmmaker.

However, this It does not mean that the young woman does not have very similar features to those of her mother when she was the same age.

The great resemblance between Julia Roberts and her daughter

The look, the hair tone and many features of the teenager are similar to those of her father, but if we look at the detail, The young woman has a smile very similar to her mother’s.

In fact, when we see the photographs of the interpreter when she was a teenager, we can see that even the gestures are similar between mother and daughter.

Furthermore, it seems Hazel has a personality as imposing as Roberts and it was the same actress who once described her during an interview for People magazine.

The actress defined her daughter as a girl with a defined personality and willing to be happy at all times.

“Hazel has a very strong personality in all aspects; she is affectionate, tenacious and tremendously funny, ”she said in an interview for the magazine People.

“For her, the world is full of joy and all kinds of wonders,” said the actress, who also stressed that she has strong ideals and is supposed to fulfill her dreams.

“He has never let any outside opinion overshadow his own ideas,” he said.

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