Jonathan Searle, actor of ‘Jaws’, named police chief of the town of the movie

The turns that life can take. the little one Jonathan Searle appeared in the movie ‘shark‘ by Steven Spielberg as a supporting story. What that young man probably didn’t know back then, is that eventually he would end up becoming the police chief of Oak Bluffsthe town where the feature film was shot, following in the footsteps of Roy Scheider’s character. Now Searle is no longer so young and is in charge of captaining the local police team, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.


Jonathan Searle is the son of Police Chief George Searle, and he joined the force there in 1986. On May 16, however, after many years of work, he managed to become the new boss following in his father’s footsteps and also generating a fun coincidence with Steven Spielberg’s film, which even today is still a reference for many aquatic horror projects (such as The Meg) and its creation and development process continues to be studied. In fact, a few months ago we told you that even Spielberg himself commented that the mythical soundtrack of Tiburn was a joke at first.

Tiburn rises again thanks to this unique coincidence

“Any time is a good time to brag that Sergeant Searle was in Tiburn,” they collect from Oak Bluffs. And it is that many are aware of this coincidence that has occurred and of course it should not be overlooked, because it is unique. ‘sharkstarted with a base budget of 9,000,000 dollars and ended up reaping 470,653,000, turning Spielberg’s film into one of the first blockbuster blockbusters in the history of celluloid. That gave rise to quite a few sequels over the years, which, however, did not achieve the same success and of course only served to scratch little of an immortal work for the medium.

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