Johnny Depp helped Amber Heard to be Mera in ‘Aquaman’

Johnny Depp has just confirmed that he helped Amber Heard land her role in the feature film Aquaman. The trial between the two artists is being the main topic of conversation on social networks, and is bringing to light a multitude of interesting facts about the professional careers of both Depp and Heard. On this occasion, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean (who has no intention of being Jack Sparrow again) has assured, as collected from The Hollywood Reporterthat Warner did not want to sign his ex-partner because she had legal problems in Australia, where part of the film was going to be shot. It seems that in 2016 Heard tried to bring her dogs into the country without declaring them at customs.


Depp, who has recently been defended by Kate Moss, has explained that Heard asked him to help get the role of Mera and he called three high-level executives from Warner (Kevin Tsujihara, Sue Kroll and Greg Silverman) to try to convince the company to go into production: “I can only say that after that, Heard got the job in the movie. I hope I have alleviated the concerns of the executives to a certain extent.” For in the past the actor has been accused of causing losses to Amber Heard by reducing her participation in Aquaman 2.

Those responsible for the blockbuster did not want the actress in the new movie

Warner also claimed that did not want Heard for the sequel and that she was about to be eliminated, making the excuse that he had no chemistry with Jason Momoa on screen. However, the latter and the film’s director, James Wan, managed to get the actress to stay on the project. Of course, several sequences in which she appeared have been reduced in the same way, shortening her footage time and making Mera, in general, not such an essential character.


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