Jennifer Lopez with crop top and white sneakers is the icon of the Y2K aesthetic

Jennifer Lopez is living, or rather, reliving the perfect life that, exactly twenty years ago, she enjoyed in the video Jenny From The Block. As far as it is concerned, in fact, it seems to have returned to the beginning of the millennium. Not only because of the rekindling of the flame between her and Ben Affleck, but also because JLo’s style is a continuous reference to the Y2K aesthetic. We suspect, for example, that she had her looks in mind in the 2001 video Love Don’t Cost A Thing when she composed the outfit in which, a few days ago, she was paparazzi at the entrance of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez wore very comfortable-looking baggy pants, a cotton crop top that showed her impressive abs, and a pair of classic white sneakers. The touch of an off-duty diva? The Hermès Birkin (one of many she owns), in this case in the rare (and frighteningly expensive) variant “Himalayan Croc”. The ponytail hairstyle, oversized sunglasses and (inevitable) large hoop earrings completed the look. In short, an outfit that could come straight from her 2001 wardrobe.

A parenthesis about the pants. The protagonist of Marry Me – Marry me has a penchant for baggy jeans, which she wears with a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers when it’s off-duty, or with a shirt and heels when the occasion turns to smart-casual. As an alternative to denim, he opts for wide trousers, or for soft flowing dresses.

Sure, JLo’s wardrobe has evolved since she burst onto the music scene, but, on a general level, her style has remained essentially unchanged. She does not give up on the crop top (after all, she can afford it) and the hoop earrings remain her distinctive accessory. And yet, some elements of her wardrobe at the beginning of the millennium have disappeared from the radar: the capri, the bandana headbands and the low-rise trousers have not passed the “Jenny from the block” phase.

jennifer lopez green dress jungle dress versace

Jennifer Lopez, all looks with her lucky color

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