Jennifer Lopez wants to marry Ben Affleck right away

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Jennifer Lopez wants to marry Ben Affleck as soon as possible. He, however, seems not to be of the idea… But there are still details to take into consideration before the big step: from the location to the house for the extended family. Photo Ap

A kiss in the middle of the road here. A hand on the butt over there. Eye to eye in candlelight. Hearts popping up at every corner. Always stuck to each other, literally (but aren’t they hot?). The love of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck it is very scenographic, as has been their habit for 20 years now. Even more so since they announced to the world, via signed private newsletter J.Lo, that they are getting married.

A wedding in style

Impossible for the actress and pop star to contain the exuberance. She wants to do it as soon as possible. And in style. “You want a spectacular ceremony. And no expense spared, ”reveals the weekly Us Weekly. “They both made a commitment to make this relationship work. And to take all the necessary measures to respect each other’s spaces, learning from the mistakes they made the last time ».


Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring.

Because Jennifer Lopez wants to marry Ben Affleck right away

Where is the catch? That he would like to wait a little longer. He doesn’t completely agree with the impatience he’s showing her, according to rumors coming from America. “Jennifer keeps saying that she is in no hurry to get married, but her friends, who know her well, think differently,” continues the source interviewed by the magazine. “The truth is, if Ben told you to do it this summer, you would totally agree.”

Rather than fear that her boyfriend will think about it, Jennifer Lopez’s drive to get married quickly stems from a practical matter. «You want to get rid of all the formalities. To finally start the new journey as husband and wife. The sooner it happens, the better. “

Wedding in the tropics or a new home?

Assuming he can convince Ben Affleck to speed up the event. Meanwhile we begin to discuss the location. Possibly outside of Los Angeles. A warm, perhaps tropical place, he says Etonline. First, however, there is still a small detail to fix: the house. The couple are still looking for her. None of those seen so far has convinced them to make an offer. At this point, who knows what will come first, the wedding or the villa?



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