In Cannes Shakira courts the Maneskin: “Shall we make music together?”

There is no doubt, i Maneskin have officially joined the celebrity circle. For the Fantastic Four, countless invitations to the more exclusive events. Thus, between a afterparty and the other, the Roman band has managed to conquer VIPs from all over the world. It was a while ago Miley Cyrus to sing their praises after the performance at theEurovision. Then it was the turn of Mick Jagger, who spent words of great esteem for them. But in the past few hours, adding to the band’s long list of VIP fans has been none other than the queen of Latin pop, or Shakira.

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The occasion of their meeting coincided with the party organized by Warner Bros at Cannes Film Festival 2022. The event hosted the premiere of Elvis, the new film by Buz Luhrmann dedicated to the king of rock, of which the Maneskin edited the soundtrack. Among the many celebrities present, it was the Colombian singer-songwriter who wanted to get to know the band. After approaching Damino David And Thomas Raggi, Shakira asked them to take one photos together. To their amazement, the shot then appeared on the singer’s social channels, sparking the enthusiasm of the fans.

Photo: Ipa

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“Delighted to have met you atafterparty from Elviswe make music together“, Wrote Shakira accompanying the photo. A request made directly in Italian, which she immediately received reply from the band’s official account, who reposted the shot, complete with hearts. But Shakira’s proposal has certainly not gone unnoticed and on the web for several hours there has been talk of nothing but the hypothesis of one of their future collaboration.

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Shakira Maneskin Cannes, is there a featuring coming up?

As anticipated, the Shakira’s request has already caused a sensation, but for now there is no official confirmation. At the moment, the Roman band is preparing for the release of the new album, the sequel to that Theater of Wrath vol 1whose release was postponed following the big one international triumph. What is certain is that now more than ever the former competitors of X Factor are riding the wave of success, loved more and more by music stars around the world. Who knows that this last love at first sight could not lead to an incredible one cooperation with the undisputed queen of Latin music. Would you like to hear them together?

Shakira, Thomas Raggi and Damiano David, Cannes 2022
Shakira, Thomas Raggi and Damiano David – Photo: Instagram @shakira

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