how to be an elegant woman like Angelina Jolie and Carolina Herrera

Being a elegant and confident woman does not depend on the brand or luxuries you weargoes further, and depends a lot on your style and habits.

famous as Caroline Herrera and Angelina Jolie They are one of the most elegant and sophisticated women of all time. that have their keys and tips to enhance elegance.

The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look spectacular and steal the looks, and we tell you how to achieve it, following the advice of Angelina Jolie and Carolina Herrera.

Advice from Carolina Herrera and Angelina Jolie to be an elegant woman

Stilettos enhance your elegance

The stilettos They have become one of the favorite shoes for all, due to the elegance they provide.

And so they have shown Carolina Herrera and Angelina Jolie with modern and classy looks, with nude stilettos, and black.

Zero extravagant looks

The rule of less is more, these celebrities always apply it, that’s why they never wear extravagant looks.

They opt for simple outfits, which provide elegance, either with midi skirts, pants, and shirts, enhancing their class without being over the top.

neutral tone outfits

The neutral tones abound in her looks, and it is that black, white, beige and white provide elegance and style at all times.

For this reason, we always see Angelina and Carolina in outfits with these sophisticated tones, looking spectacular.

simple makeup

Many women make the mistake of wearing exaggerated makeup, and what this does is age.

Therefore, it is important that you wear a simple makeup, like Angelina and Carolina with the basicsfoundation, blush, brow pencil, and nude lipstick.

straight posture

Another key to always look elegant, without spending, is stand up straight, and this has been made clear by these celebrities who are always upright.

We will never see them hunched over, on the contrary, they always go with their backs straight, with a very elegant and classy posture.

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