Here the most admired persecution of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a versatile actress. From action to drama, she has been able to embody different shades of performance art. Today we will stop at a particular movie, to get into a chase. Join us in this plot.

Born in the sunny Los Angeles Californiain the year 1975, Angelina Jolie since she was a child she had the dramatic arts as a goal. Since her official debut in cyborg 2 (1993), Jolie with more or less assiduity has not left the big screen.

Winner of a Oscarfor Best Supporting Actress for her enormous role in Girl, Interrupted, where she shared the shoot with the talented Winona Ryder, both delivering a drama about madness, confinement and medication. In turn, it is worth mentioning, they have delivered three Golden Globes and two awards Screen Actors Guild.

Outside of the laurels, which are usually unfair with a career, Jolie is immortalized in an era of cinema. Her roles as Lara Croft or as Sara “Sway” Wayland in 60 seconds are endearing.

in tork, we enjoy when automotive culture and cinema intermingle. And today we will stop at a moment in Jolie’s career. She has starred in various stunts and chases throughout her career, but there is one in particular that she has highlighted as the most shocking.

The movie Taking Lives –“Stealing lives” in some countries, “Vidas ajenas” in others- is based on suspense and action. Released in 2004, a great moment in Jolie’s career, the leading roles are shared between her and her beloved ehan hawke. His music is noteworthy, if you can really get into the OST of this film, composed by Phillip Glass.

As a researcher of FBI, Jolie has to be prepared for reflection before a case but also for action. And this is the case. aboard a Ford Mustang stars in the most vertiginous moment of the entire film.

The Ford Mustang in question, complete in electric blue, is factory dated in 2001. Three years before the time of filming. This car, as you know, is an emblem of American industry. Its sporty style, its aerodynamic lines and its powerful reaction have made it famous for decades..

The Ford Mustang 4GT, from this film, has a longitudinal gasoline engine with a displacement of 4,600 cm³. Its 8 cylinders arranged in V and its 16 valves allow a total power of 218 CV at 4400 rpm and a maximum torque of 386 Nm. This managed by a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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