goodbye to the ‘father’ of the Death Star and other mythical Star Wars ships

can one Burger bite become a spaceship? For Colin Cantwell yes, in fact that was his inspiration to create the mythical Millenium Falcon. The artist created some of the historic ships of starwarsfor this he is inspired by objects of his daily life.

“The ship X-wing with which Luke Skywalker Defeat the Empire is inspired by a dartbecause he used to go to British pubs a lot,” explains film director Manuel Martínez Velasco.

His work was indispensable for the development of science fiction. “to own Stanley Kubrick convinced him to make his masterpiece, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ would start with the famous dawn of man,” says the film director.

With Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

He debuted alongside Stanley Kubrick in ‘2001: a space odyssey’. Later the universe would come george lucas and also their participation in ‘Meetings of the Third Kind’ from steven spielberg. Before his career in Hollywood had worked for the POT creating educational programs for the public to understand how spaceflight works.

Colin Cantwell passed away this Saturday leaving a legacy that continues to travel through the stars.

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