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Epic Games challenged Apple again in the App Store antitrust case. In her most recent argument, the Fortnite developer said if the company can allow sideloading on Mac devices and still calls computers secure, you can do the same for iPhone.

Apple Bans Epic Games add links for alternative payment systems outside of the App Store. His position is that third-party app stores would compromise the security of his smartphone.

In the new filing, which corresponds to the cross-appeal response brief, Epic Games fires heavy artillery at the Cupertino Giant. The entire resource is available at this link.

Epic Games’ position against Apple’s arguments

“For macOS, Apple relies on security measures enforced by the operating system rather than the app store, and notarization program that scans apps and then returns them to the developer for distribution,” says Fortnite developer in your presentation.

“The operating system that Apple uses on its Mac computers (macOS) does not include the disputed restrictions found in the iPhone operating system (iOS), and Apple publicly promotes the security of the Mac,” he stressed.

According to Epic, Apple also allows multiple alternative payment solutions on the App Store for apps that sell physical goods. Thus, it “confirms that the requirement to use Apple’s in-app payment solution, IAP, for digital goods, does not serve any pro-competitive purpose.”

Apple bases its defense that allowing sideloading would put “the most confidential and private information of its users” at risk.

“Support sideloading through direct downloads and third-party app stores,” says the apple company, “it would cripple the privacy and security protections that have made the iPhone so secure and would expose users to serious security risks.”

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