Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores recreated a romantic scene from “Titanic” in trajineras from Xochimilco

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores (Photo: Titanic/IG edwinlunat)
Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores (Photo: Titanic/IG edwinlunat)

Romantic movies have marked many people and, one of the most memorable scenes in the history of Hollywood cinema, it is the one where the actor Leonardo DiCaprio passionately holds Kate Winslet in titanicawhile she extends her arms and feels the sea breeze on her face.

That is why, on this occasion, Edwin Luna -vocalist of Trakalosa de Monterrey- and his wife Kimberly Flores decided to get away from the controversy that constantly surrounds their relationship, to recreate the romantic moment represented in james cameron movie, with the difference that they did not land on the sea, nor on an ocean liner, but on the famous trajineras located in Xochimilco of Mexico City.

It was from your account Instagram where the interpreter of hits like Drunk on love, expert liar Y if you don’t love me anymore He shared a photograph where the couple can be seen very smiling on the channel.

“We arrived in Xochimilco with all the attitude @kimfloresgz haha ​​I love you. Better than the Titanic”wrote.

Likewise, in another post, Edwin took the opportunity to send Kimberly a moving message, which he accompanied with another image of the two together.

The couple was very much in love (Photo: Ig edwinlunat)
The couple was very much in love (Photo: Ig edwinlunat)

“I love you for many minutes, hours, days and years of joy my life. Love you (I love you). Since I was little my mother taught me, quality is much better than quantity of time and by your side I understand it. @kimfloresgz”, she posted.

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and several of them applauded the tender moment that the famous lived.

“The best couple and both in love”. “The best couple”. “I love you very much, God bless you and your family always, you’re the best. I admire you a lot, I am your number one fan” were some of the comments that can be read on Instagram.

But, although this was a very special moment for the couple, it should be remembered that not everything has been hunky-dory for them, because in October of last year Kimberly and Edwin appeared on the channel Youtube of the singer, to speak about the difficulties they have experienced.

Kimberly posed with Edwin (Photo: Ig edwinlunat)
Kimberly posed with Edwin (Photo: Ig edwinlunat)

Back then, Kimberly did not hesitate to confess that at the beginning of their relationship she did not take dating Edwin very seriously, because her husband’s fame as a womanizer affected her and made her think that they would not last.

Super distrustful, I did not believe in many thingsit was not even possible to speak well because we were at work, but I did have many doubts after I met you, “added Kimberly.

Despite these insecurities, the couple managed to overcome them and find peace with each other, because after long talks things began to take a better course.

“We were calm, you gave me a lot of peace when I met you because you told me the story of your ex-partner and you told me everything that happened, you were giving yourself a second chance, we were liking each other, there was a lot of chemistry, so that time when you were in Guatemala and we went everywhere, I already started to like it”, concluded the Guatemalan on one occasion who took her current husband to her home country.


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