Doubts about the sexual clause that Jennifer López and Ben Affleck would have when they married

In mid-April, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez announced her engagement to fellow actor Ben Affleckwith whom he reconnected in early 2021, almost two decades after they canceled their wedding plans and went their separate personal ways.

On her Twitter account, the singer of Puerto Rican origin said she had a “very exciting and special story to share” and announced that he would give it through his personal newsletter On the JLOthough he did offer a big hint by placing a ring emoji next to his name.

Lopez and Affleck started seeing each other again last year, after the hitmaker Jenny from the Block ended her engagement to former Yankees star Alex Rodríguez and that the star of gone girl ended his relationship with the Spanish actress Ana de Armas.

The couple, nicknamed “Bennifer”, has since been seen on red carpets and public walks around the world, alone or accompanied by their respective children: Lopez had two with her ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony; and Affleck three with her ex-wife, the interpreter Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started their relationship again in 2021
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started their relationship again in 2021

However, its history goes back years. Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, began dating in mid-2002. and they became engaged that same year, but postponed the wedding and finally called it off in 2004, although they assured that their friendship remained throughout the years before they gave each other a second chance.

Now, the relationship was put back on the lips of all his followers because they unofficially knew what the clauses of their prenuptial agreement would be. Among all of them, one drew particular attention because of how difficult it could be considering the busy schedule that both artists manage.

It is a sexual clause that stipulates that the couple must have sex at least four times a week, which generated endless reactions on social networks. At the moment the date on which the couple will marry is unknown. However, the wedding is expected to take place soon or, at least, in the course of this year.

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