Deborra-Lee Furness sentences on the homosexuality of Hugh Jackman

Hollywood is always surrounded by controversy, rumors or leaks. The life of actresses and actors and everything that surrounds the world of celluloid, seems to always be the talk of the yellowest journalism on the planet. Rumors about homosexuality, a subject that seems to have always been taboo in the mecca of cinema, do not stop circulating around the top figures in the movies and the name of Hugh Jackman has always been one of those characters that has been rumored for years about his sexual tendency.

Jackman already commented on the situation

Own 53 year old Australian actor I already commented on some occasion that all those comments about his sexual orientation could have been related to the interpretation in a film. The role in question is that of the character in the Broadway The Boy from Oz, from the year 2003in which Jackman put himself in the shoes of a singer-songwriter whose homosexuality was evident, Peter Allen, and during the performance, his character kissed his co-star Jarod Emick onstage on the stage boards.

As a result of these events, there were many echoes that spoke about the situation, in the real life of the actor, and since then Jackman has not stopped coming out as a `possible? undercover gay. Now the actor’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 66, ‘Not an Overnight Success’ He wanted to come out and give his opinion on the matter.

For her, those rumors are ‘strange’. “I mean, if he was gay, he might be.“, assured the also actress to the presenter of the space, Gus Worland. “He would no longer have to hide in the closet, and is going out with brad pitt, or whatever. It’s not that Brad is gay, but you know what I’m saying!” Furness added in a humorous tone, already tired of answering many times about this rumor that has been circulating for years behind the scenes of Hollywood.

It’s silly, and then people perpetuate silly things and it’s boring“, added Deborra-Lee Furness. And it is that the current wife of the actor met in 1995 and they married only a year later, they are parents of two adopted children (Oscar, 20, and Ava, 15) and a few weeks ago they celebrated the 26 years of marriage.

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