Darth Vader: 10 curiosities you did not know about the Star Wars villain

starwars is on everyone’s lips. Yes, the movie saga that began in 1977, today in the middle of 2022, remains in force. Yesterday various news about his future were releasedwhile today the Obi-Wan Kenobi series has already seen the light. In that sense, his ultimate rival, Darth Vader It has various secrets that very few fans know and that at MARCA Claro we want to reveal to you.

1. Anakin had his own Padawan

In ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’ we knew that Anakin Skywalker I was upset about not having been promoted to jedi master. Although he was allowed to serve on the Jedi Council, he was never given a higher rank, which is why Anakin will end up being seduced by the dark side. However, in ‘The Clone Wars’ we were able to meet Ashok Tanoa young Padawan who would end up being apprentice of the future Sith Lord. In Star Wars: Rebels we met her again.

2. Anakin knew everything about the future that awaited him

Again, with ‘The Clone Wars’ as the center of everything, in one of its last chapters we learned that Anakin Skywalkerbeyond having visions about Padme’s death, he knew he would end up being Darth Vader. In one of the episodes, Hihjo reveals to Anakin who he would end up becoming, something that he didn’t want to allow although, as we all know, he didn’t get it.

3. Anakin built his own saber at the age of 12

All Star Wars fans know the enormous talent of Anakin Skywalker when he was just a child. He just built one of the most beloved characters in the saga: C3-PO. However, the young man went further and At only 12 years old, he was able to build his own lightsaber.. After being destroyed, I built a much more durable and that has been the protagonist in many battles until ending up in the hands of King.

4. He was already very close to leaving the Jedi Order

Before becoming a Sith Lord, the young Anakin Skywalker came very close to leaving the Jedi Order. we knew it thanks to ‘The Clone Wars’, in which the character doubts about the corruption of the Senate, which had the Jedi Order as another limb. That, plus the Palpatine’s influence on himthey were about to cause Anakin to leave.

5. Anakin’s name comes from Palestine

Many fans are surprised by how little george lucas He stopped to think about the names of the characters. In fact, Han Solo He had that curious last name because, as he himself revealed, he always did things without leaning on anyone. Another that does not have much mystery is Darth Vader (‘father’, in German). Regarding Anakin, the origin seems to go back to Anakima race of biblical giants among whom stands Goliath.

6. The theory about Anakin Skywalker’s father

The origin of the future Sith Lord has always been one of the most controversial and commented on by fans. Some theories hold that has no father and others that this will be Darth PlagueisPalpatine’s teacher. However, one of the most widespread is that it is precisely Palpatine the real father of Anakin.

7. Hayden Christensen temporarily retired

The actor in charge of giving life to Anakin Skywalker in episodes II and III, the latter in which it was revealed how the Jedi became Darth Vader, was Hayden Christensen. Fame surprised the interpreter and, shortly after finishing his work on the saga, he decided get away from acting for a while. Since then, she has participated in a few projects, although none of the relevance of Star Wars.

8. Fought alongside Saw Gerrera

He is one of the characters that fans will surely remember from ‘Rogue One’ and that we could also see both in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ as in ‘The Clone Wars’. It is in these two that we could see Saw Gerrera fighting alongside Anakin Skywalker before they both became the extremists that we all know today.

9. Christensen and his imitation of sabers

One of the most characteristic sounds of the entire saga and that has been imitated by millions of fans is, without a doubt, that of the lightsabers. One who did not miss the opportunity to imitate this noise is, precisely, one of the protagonists. The actor Hayden Christensenboth in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’, he kept making this sound while recording the fight scenes.

10. The first option was not Christensen

Although now any fan of starwars think of Hayden Christensen for the role of Anakin during episodes II and III, the truth is that he was not the first choice. In fact, it was developed with Christian bale as the main candidate. Another who was offered the role went to Leonardo Dicapriowho refused to appear because he did not feel prepared.

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