compare initiative to promote responsible consumption

  • A TikTok user who generates content that promotes responsible consumption has compared the brands Barcel and Sabritas.

  • The content creator is dedicated to sharing informative videos about the food products that are in the market.

  • Products such as Carlos V, Turin, Red Bull, LALA and La Costeña are also in the sights of this user.

A user has used the TikTok social network to generate content with the aim of promoting the responsible consumption among several of the most important brands in the world, such as Barcelona and Sabritas.

With these videos, the user has managed to generate a large amount of engagement where their content offers answers to various questions and unknowns of the consumer when paying for a product.

the food industry

Group Bimbo and PepsiCo They are two of the most important companies in the food industry in the world, with a presence in practically all five continents.

For example, Grupo Bimbo generated an increase in sales in a period of five years of more than 100 billion pesos, achieving by 2020 net sales of 331 billion.

Meanwhile, sales brought PepsiCo net income of approximately 79.5 billion US dollars worldwide during 2021. This meant an increase of around 9.1 billion compared to the figure recorded just a year earlier. This means that it was the company’s most profitable year in a long time.

Initiative compares Barcel vs. Sabritas in responsible consumption

A user of the TikTok social network is dedicated to sharing videos evaluating the quantity and quality of the ingredients of certain products, with the aim of promoting their responsible consumption and publicizing the qualities and deficiencies of each of them.

brands like Carlos V, Turin, Red Bull, LALA and La Costeña They are also in the sights of this user, since he has shared videos comparing these brands with other similar ones or, directly speaking about the dangers of excessive consumption.

Recently, the user shared two videos where he talks about the consumption of two of the most important potato chip brands on the market: Sabritas and Barcel.

In said video, he compares the subsidiary brands of Bimbo and PepsiCo respectively per 100 grams of product, pointing out which of the two is the “least harmful” and which is the best considering other factors such as price and quantity of product.

According to the results, Chip’s has 486 calories for 541 of Sabritas, while in saturated fat barcel has 4 grams and Sabritas 15.1. Chip’s, in terms of trans fat, has 277 milligrams while Sabritas has 340. In sodium, Barcel also has less than Sabritas, and even in protein and in terms of price, it seems that Barcel is still the winner with its Chip’s.

This was the first video shared by the user:

@labelladoclaro #voiceeffects #papasfritas #barcel #sabritas #tipsdenutricion #nutricion #nutritips #nutriologo #nutritista #labelladoclaro #labelladonutricional ♬ Mission Impossible – Mission Impossible

After a user pointed out in that video that it was not a fair comparison and that they should compare similar products, the content creator decided to make a second edition of the video where the crunchy Sabritas recipe is compared with the aforementioned Chip’s recipe. Despite this, the result remained the same..

This was the second video shared by the tiktoker:

@labeladoclaro #voiceeffects #barcel #sabritas #papasfritas #tipsdenutricion #nutritips #nutriologo #nutritista #labelladoclaro #labelladonutricional ♬ Genkidama (Dragon Ball Z) – Animelmack

In addition to this, the user has shared more videos comparing Turin chocolate to Carlos V, Pepsi to Coca-Cola, and Clemente Jacques and Del Monte ketchup.

These are some of the videos he shares:

@labeladoclaro #voiceeffects #catsup #ketchup #clementejacques #delmonte #excesodeszucar #excesodesodio #tipsdenutricion #nutritips #nutriologo #nutritista #labelladoclaro #labeladonutricional ♬ Mission Impossible – Mission Impossible
@labelladoclaro #voiceeffects #carlosv #turin #tipsdenutricion #nutritips #nutriologo #nutritista #labelladoclaro #labeladonutricional #nutricion #chocolate ♬ Goku’s Theme (From “Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct”) – Anime Zing
@labeladoclaro #voiceeffects #pepsi #cocacola #tipsdenutricion #nutritips #nutriologist #nutritionist #labeladoclaro #labeladonutricional #hate #haters ♬ original sound – DonEtiKeta

What do you think about this? Do you like the theme of these videos?

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