China Suárez participated in a Uruguayan reality show with a particular costume: the reaction of the jury when she was discovered

China Suárez participated in a reality show in Uruguay

Who is the mask?, is an adaptation of the format of talents of South Korean origin that is a success on Uruguayan television and in different parts of the world. It is a singing contest in which personalities from different fields compete using masks and costumes to hide their identities from the public and the jury, called “investigators”, who must find out what celebrity they are.

Each of the identities is handled in the most absolute secrecy. Before each song, a small presentation is made in which each character gives some indications about her person, although with a distorted voice. Researchers by -the musician Slim Fatathe drivers Sofia Rodriguez and Patricia Wolf and the choreographer Emir Abdul- They gather information and after the musical number they risk their prognosis. Between them and the public they select the winners of each of these duels and the three eliminated go through another voting instance in which the least voted must show their face. The investigator who guesses the identity correctly gets a point in the competition.

In the first shipment, the unmasked was the Mexican singer Cristian castro. In the second, she touched the Spanish comedian Arturo Valls and in third place it was the turn of Christian Onion Rodriguez, former soccer player for the Uruguayan national team and for Independiente. And in the fourth gala, held in the last few hours, the one eliminated was Eugenia The China Suarez, who participated with the mask of Icy and was discovered in his second intervention.

China Suárez was discovered in the Uruguayan reality show Who is the mask? (Teledoce)

“I am the sweetest ice cream in The Mask: I arrive wanting to have fun and reflect light in every corner of the beautiful studio,” said La China on the day of her presentation, before giving clues about her identity. “I like to watch television but at times I am embarrassed. Especially if I am accompanied and zapping and I find myself on the screen. It is rare to see oneself, ”she acknowledged.

But the signs did not end there. “Music has a very important space in life, the freedom that singing, dancing and acting gives me is not given to me by any other activity”, assured the actress, who has recently focused on her career as a singer, and is preparing to publish her first song in the coming weeks. In this sense, she defined herself as “an old soul in a young body” and clarified that although he likes music from all eras, “lwhat I like and identifies the most is jazz”.

With these credentials, and to the bewilderment of the researchers, Eugenia made her debut in the contest performing “Libre soy”, the theme of the film Frozen. No one managed to figure out who it was. -Tini Stoessel, Luisana Lopilato and Sofía Vergara risked- and prevailed in their duel. In her next participation she did not have the same luck, and After singing “Let it be” by The Beatles, she was eliminated from the contest.

La China in the feat with Celli, “The game of love”

On this occasion, both Patricia and Emir discovered it and the vote of the public and the researchers determined that his Icy be the character to unmask. To the cry of “mask off! Mask off!” thundering from the audience and the driver Maximiliano de la Cruz had no choice but to remove his mask and reveal his identity.

La China’s back was turned, and when she turned around she received a standing ovation from the studio “They take it very seriously, they go through the corridors in disguise”, she exclaimed in surprise and praised the production. One sees these programs and they think they are fixed but it is post, ”she assured. “You were in the city and nobody knew it,” the driver pointed out in this regard, and China explained how the mechanism had been to keep her anonymous. “They didn’t let me They captured me in a van, they dressed us up in black, they took our rings. It was almost a robbery”, she pointed out between laughs, happy to have gone through a new experience linked to the song.


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