Champions League, Camila Cabello protagonist of the ceremony: “I have Latin blood, I love football”

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Everything is ready for the final of Champions League between Liverpool And real Madridwhich will be staged in Paris tomorrow, Saturday 28 May 2022. During the opening ceremony it will be the protagonist with a ‘live performance Camila Cabello, world pop star from several platinum records. There 25year old Cuban-American gave an interview to telling about his connection with football. “I am thrilled with my performance! A few hours ago I was nervous, but now I can’t wait. My father is Mexican, I have Latin blood, so football is an important part of our culture and cheer for Mexico every time they play. Football is my favorite sport by far and I’ve always wanted to go to a live match, I’m very excited “.

Champions League final, Camila Cabello: “I’m sure it will be a hard-fought match”

Camila Cabelo
Camila Cabelo

The site he asked Camila Cabello also a prediction on the Champions League final between Liverpool And real Madrid. “The I cheer for both of you. If I’m nervous, I can only imagine how the players are feeling right now. A prediction? I hope it’s a hard-fought and fun game because I don’t like boring or obvious games. I am sure it will be very close and that it will only be decided at the end, perhaps on penalties “.

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