Champions League, Camila Cabello and her show for the Opening Ceremony

The program for tomorrow night’s Champions League Final is outlined. Before the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid, Camila Cabello, a multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award nominated music icon who will be the star of the opening ceremony of the 2022 UEFA Champions League final, will perform for the Stade de France.

Known for blockbuster hits Bam Bam, Señorita and Havana, the Cuban-American singer-songwriter told how her Latin heritage will be shown at the Stade de France and how watching football with her Mexican relatives has helped her perfect herself. celebration of the goal.


“I’m so excited. A couple of hours ago I was feeling nervous, but now I feel really excited. Because I was like: all of Europe is watching, I love being here. I mean, something I love about football fans is the amount of joy, intensity and passion, like that energy you feel. I’ve always wanted to go to a football match. I’m not saying this just because I’m here, it’s something I’ve always wanted to cross off my wish list.

My father is Mexican; I’m Latino, so football is an important part of our culture and I cheer for Mexico every time they play. So I’ve always wanted to go to a game and I watch this TV series called Club de Cuervos, which is a Mexican TV series about football. We are injecting that same joy and passion as well as that Mexican / Cuban culture into our performance; there are many colors and I bring where I come from in this part of the world.

The whole set is sound designed and the colors make people really, really excited. I think Don’t Go Yet – the remix we did – makes people super excited. Bam Bam is there. The whole thing is basically built for this type of environment in terms of maximum possible energy. I definitely think it will give them a lot of energy. “


“Football is by far my favorite sport and I’ve always wanted to go to a game. It’s the only sport I can watch and I know exactly what’s going on. And it’s the only sport my family can truly enjoy.

I wouldn’t call myself a football fan compared to [i tifosi dello Stade de France], but I really love it. There have been a few times I’ve tried going to games specifically to support [ma] with my schedule, it just wasn’t possible. This is my first game, so I’m really very excited. I can imitate very well as the Latins do: “Goooooaaaaal!” I’ve seen a lot of games with my family and we can be really, really excited. “


“I support them both and I’m cheering on both of them. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in their place. You asked me if I was nervous, imagine them. They worked so hard; I cheer for both of them.

A score prediction? I hope it’s dramatic, because I don’t like it [quando le squadre sono] so far in the beginning, when it’s like 0-3 and now we know what’s going to happen, it’s really hard for the other to catch up. It will be one of those really tight matches, [decise] at the last second, like a penalty [tiri a segno]. “

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