Carragher warns United: “CR7 a problem for next season. And if you take an attacker … “

JamieCarragher does not mince words on the occasion of a chat with Gary Neville on the Youtube channel The Overlap. The former historic defender talked about the next year of the Premier League with particular reference to the Manchester United and to the team that will be created around the new coach Erik Ten Hag. Important words related to Cristiano Ronaldo that could be a big deal.

OPINION – “I have always said that Cristiano Ronaldo was a negative sign for United. There is no question of his skill and the fact that he is a real striker. At his age he still does what he has to do: many goals. But this is useful. in a strong team of a certain level, while in this United it can be something negative and I think this season it has been, “he said. Carragher. “I am convinced that Ten Hag should say directly to CR7 ‘you are not for me'”. “Manchester United can’t get to next season with a 38-year-old forward. They have to buy a new one but at the same time, if you get him good enough you should have him play and put him on the bench and that’s not good. Consequences, if he is. you will play, you will put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench and this could create trouble. Cristiano Ronaldo could be a problem for Manchester United in the next season as it already happened in this past year when he did not play or was called back to the bench “.

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