Canelo surprises dressed in red and black in support of his ‘new’ team: Atlas

The popular Mexican boxer wore the red and black shirt in Jalisco and expressed his support for the Foxes in the duel against Pachuca

GUADALAJARA — “Now I am from the Atlas”, he shouts, raises his fist and smiles Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarezupon arrival at Jalisco Stadiumfor the final against Pachuca. This is how he forgets his rojiblanco past, in which he signed shirts for Chivas and one more was said of El Rebaño.

“I already convinced him and he will come. He goes to the winners, to the teams that win and Atlas is one of them”, says Eddy Reynoso, coach of the Canelo Alvarezupon arrival at the Jalisco Stadium.

The ‘betrayal’ was consummated before the end of the first half between Atlas and Pachuca. The Canelo Alvarez He takes off the yellow polo shirt with which he arrived and the cameras capture the boxer from Guadalajara with the jacket of the Atlas.

“We are also going to PachucaI already invited him”, comments Eddy Reynoso, because, a few days ago, the Canelo Alvarez He said he would go to the red and black final if his coach and friend invited him.

The irreverence of ‘cinnamon’ pay it on social networks. “He is the largest villamelón in Jalisco,” wrote a user of Twitter. “What happened Cinnamon? Wasn’t it that you were rojiblanco?” Questions the other.

In the Jalisco Stadium everything is different, the boxer from Guadalajara is applauded by the fans of the Red and Blacks, who were about to fill their stadium for the final. they do to ‘cinnamon’ one more of his tribe.

A Saul Alvarez don’t mind the comment. In the Jalisco Stadium, he applauds, celebrates the goal and gives greetings to those who appear in his box. It is the night that his transformation to red and black was consummated, the day that he forgot that he was red and white.

“Atlas! Atlas! Atlas!”, the fans of the red and blacks shout, every time the local sound asks for it, among them, the Canelo Alvarez.

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