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Camila Hair, In addition to being in charge of opening this Saturday’s event with her music and an unprecedented show, the Cuban-American artist also wanted to get wet hours before the big event saying how will the final score of the match be.

The interpreter of Bam Bam Y Miss He is already in the Parisian city and for a few days, he has been finalizing all the details of his Show. A most emotional performance that will be the opening clasp of the Champions League Grand Finalwhich will face Real Madrid and Liverpool, and about which little is known so far.

The 25-year-old singer wanted to get wet and has made his own club on the scoreboard, which will face these great heavyweights. Camila Cabello, who has been preparing for this event for a few days, has dared to make a prediction of how the final result of the match will be. Of course, she has wanted to be cautious and has not opted to announce the winning team.

What the artist is clear about is that in total the marker will have four goals, three will be for one team and only one for another. A message that she has expressed through her Instagram account in both English and Spanish and with which she has wanted to make a little nod to the countries of both teams.

In addition, in the images chosen to share her prediction with the followers, she can be seen on the pitch of the Stade de France rehearsing and preparing for the final assault. “My score prediction this Saturday is 3 to 1. No idea who’s going to win, but that’s my #Nostradamus prediction. See you on Saturday”, the Cuban-American artist has written through her Instagram profile.

Camila Cabello’s performance in the Champions League final

Little is known of Show that Camila Cabello has prepared for the great football final, in which the prize to be the kings of Europe will be disputed. However, a few weeks ago she already declared that she intended to offer a “really special show” that mixes the Latin roots and the feeling of union of all amateurs to this sport so that music is present everywhere.

We’ll check it out in no time! Now it only remains to confirm if Camila Cabello’s prediction ends up coming true or if on the contrary, she has another hidden talent to explore.

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