an unforgettable series that lays bare the complexity of human relationships

Is there something more transcendental in the life of the human being than the way in which he faces his relationships? This drama has come to an end but here we detail why you cannot miss it.

By: Jasmine Gomez Fleitas

The NBC series, which reaches Latin America through the Star+ streaming platform, has come to an end. A farewell that hurts us fans that we follow every season, while we waited for the writers to take us to that grand finale.

Because from the beginning we knew that it would only be six seasons. And we witnessed how each story was spun in flash backs and flash forwards, taking us to the future and back to the nostalgia of the past with parallels that made us aware that the passage of time is not forgiving of anyone.

It is about life itself but discovered through a family with three children. A family that can be any of us and that tells us about their challenges and experiences towards adult life. The sibling relationship, first love, healthy dating relationships, self-love, how to deal with guilt, how to go through a duel and many other situations.

The richness is that it is a choral story: each member is vital to the plot. The Pearsons are made up of: Dad Jack, Mom Rebecca and her three children: Kevin, Kate and Randall.

Photo: NBC

Each one shows us an edge of life with which we could identify ourselves or not, but that undoubtedly exercises us in empathy. Behind every decision, however unwise it may seem, there is a compelling reason. And that leads us to understand their motivations and transfer them to a less superficial reading of our environment and much more human.

The series is a necessary introspection exercise. In times in which we live running in the routine, stopping to reflect on our own lives is vital to know ourselves and project ourselves.

Without a doubt, it helps us to do it, to ask ourselves what we would do, how we would face this or that situation, if we heal childhood traumas, if we would not be boycotting ourselves or if we process certain experiences healthily.

This Is Us managed to install a drama in prime time and that’s why. In the midst of so many options that anesthetize us from our reality, it leads us to analyze ourselves and invite us to better understand the people around us. And what more complex than the family itself? In which we are born as the one we decided to form.

Photo: NBC

I take a lot of phrases with me that I don’t want to forget and the ending was everything I didn’t know I was waiting for. How sobering to know that everything was done to the best of its ability. “If something makes you sad when it’s over, it must have been incredibly incredible when it was happening.”

And special mention for the leading role of Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson. Her acting just gets better with each season and it’s amazing to see her in all the times: as a young mother, as an adult, as a grandmother and as an old woman. She deserves to take all the awards that come.

Also the writers. I am your fan. They already knew how many seasons they were going to give us, how many they would need to close the story. What a beautiful job they did in weaving life itself together so well and moving us so much by showing us human nature.

We will not forget The Pearsons. And now to fulfill this request from the matriarch: “Take challenges. Make big moves, even when they’re small. Get on with your lives in whatever direction moves you. I ask you not to be afraid.”

Thank you for this unforgettable trip. Now go see it in full.

*This Is Us is also available on Prime Video but only until Season 5

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