América ratifies Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz as technical director

Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz assumed his role as helmsman of the first team towards matchday 9 of the tournament, replacing Santiago Solari, who led the team to last place in the general table and will now remain with the club

America officially announced to Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz as its technical director, this after the Argentine helmsman took over the club on an interim basis due to its misstep at the beginning of the Closure 2022. Through a statement, they released this news.

“Club America informs that Ferdinand Ortiz and its coaching staff have been definitively confirmed as responsible for the men’s first team. Both the board and the coaching staff are already working on planning for the Apertura 2022 tournament, jointly evaluating reinforcements and casualties,” they stated in the statement.

The ‘Tano’ assumed his role as helmsman of the first team towards matchday 9 of the tournament in substitution of Santiago Solariwho led the team to last place in the general table, which is why the board made the decision to dismiss him.

Ortiz He came from the U-20s and immediately raised the spirits of the team to lead them to qualify directly for the group. Although in his beginning as boss of the first team he lost to Monterrey, later he accumulated 11 official duels without knowing defeat.

Finally, the Eagles fell to Pachuca in the semifinals of the league by a 4-1 aggregate and said goodbye to the options of fighting for the Clausura 2022 title.

The South American was key in the azulcrema team picking up the pace, since it also improved the relationship with the players, since various versions maintained that Solari was not close to the elements and that ended up costing him a bill. “There are different ways of being of each technician and there are those who have better empathy or group management. Santiago was more introverted and did not have such a direct relationship with the player,” said Baños exclusively on Futbol Picante de ESPN last May 5.

Previously, this portal announced that Ortiz He was the first option of the board to take the reins and finally it was decided that the Argentine would be the one to lead the azulcremas project to lead them to fight for a new championship in the Opening 2022.

After removal, America is on vacation and they will report in the first days of June for medical exams and join the preseason for the tournament that will start on July 1. In addition, they will have the opportunity to play against the Chelsea and the Manchester City in the United States the following July 16 and 20, respectively.

Minutes after the official announcement, Santiago Baños, president of América, assured, in a Twitter message, that in all areas of the club they work for the good of the institution and so that they win the titles that both they and the fans want.

“American fans, all areas of Club América are working for the greatness of our institution. We build leading and winning teams. Our effort is for and for our fans. Thank you very much for all your support,” he assured in his message on social networks.

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