Adam Sandler Expresses Interest in a ‘Happy Gilmore’ Sequel

Last week we were able to see how Adam Sandler celebrated the 25th anniversary ofHappy Gilmore”, which is already considered one of the great classics of comedy. Sandler would recreate on video the famous swing shot that his character performed on screen, in addition to some of the confrontations with some of the villains of the film.

The film would have been released shortly after his participation in the variety show “Saturday night Live” and despite already being his seventh appearance on the big screen, this production in particular would be the one that would end up defining the peculiar style of comedy that Sandler would implement in the rest of his filmography.

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The film tells the story of Happy, an aspiring ice hockey player whose great aggressiveness and lack of skating ability prevent him from staying long with any team he tries to be a part of. His grandmother, with whom he has lived most of his life, hasn’t paid her taxes in years, owing the IRS a total of $270,000.

A series of events would help him discover an incredible golfing ability. With the help of a quirky trainer and a public relations director, Happy he will seek to enter the elite world of professional golf to win a tournament that will allow him to win the house back, but not before facing the champion Shooter McGavin.

As part of the anniversary of the tape, Sandler would have been invited to a talk with Golf Channelaccompanied by his cast partner Christopher McDonald, who in the tape played McGavin. When asked about the possibility of a sequel, Sandler said he would be open to the idea.

“It has not been discussed. But it certainly has been on the internet and believe me, that Senior tour idea would be so awesome.” The presenter of the program would ask both actors if they would be willing to participate, to which McDonald’s thumbs up and Sandler He replied that they could give the green light.

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Although this announcement would have been made in a joking tone, McDonald’s expressed real excitement at the thought of probably coming back as shooter. After all, this character usually makes it onto most charismatic villain-centric internet lists.

Despite there being no official plans to “Happy Gilmore 2”, certainly does not seem impossible to reunite its cast. Last OctoberSandler premiered in Netflixthere would be halloween”, a comedy in which, after 25 years, he met Julie Bowenactress who played his romantic interest in the golf film, in addition to presenting a cameo of ben stiller What Hal, in evil nursing home nurse.

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