you can’t imagine how the businesswoman keeps her 30,000 items of clothing

If you think you have so many clothes that they don’t fit in your closet, it’s because you haven’t seen Kim Kardashian’s yet. In fact, until now you may have been imagining that her dressing room must be something like her mother’s luxury store or her sister Khloé’s famous catalog pantry. However, nothing is further from reality… Because, if no one told you, you could confuse it with the warehouse of an Amancio Ortega store.

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It is already fashion history how Kanye West transforms the style of the women with whom he is romantically involved. He made his ex-wife, when they were still together, a true icon of our time. However, after her divorce, we have been able to see how Kim faces a crisis trying to find her new style.

In fact, it seems that one day the rapper emptied his wife’s closet and replaced each and every one of the clothes that were in it with new ones. So the American was done forgetting that she “could also make decisions“.

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This has been recorded in the last season of the Kardashians reality show, where the businesswoman has confessed that, although Kanye taught her a lot about fashion, she is ready to turn the page. So she, in search of inspiration, has toured the warehouse where she keeps the 30,000 items of clothing she has ever worn over the years.

Luckily, it seems that the founder of Skims has a memory of a horse when it comes to her outfits because otherwise she could have run out of there and thrown the key into the river. And it is that, there are probably stores of clothing stores smaller than the closet-storage room of the Kardashian. Yes indeed, he has everything very well organized in cardboard boxes and coat racks but, even so, we would not want to have to see ourselves making a change of wardrobe or looking for anything specific there.

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