Winona Ryder praises her younger co-stars on ‘Stranger Things’: ‘They’re amazing’

stranger things will premiere volume 1 of its fourth season this Friday, May 27. A date that fans of the series must be anxiously awaiting to see the young protagonists of this science fiction story again. Teenagers who recently went subject to only compliments from fellow cast member Winona Ryder.

The actress who plays Joyce Byers in stranger things was recently interviewed by CBC News about the new season and the cast that makes up the successful Netflix production. in the conversation She stated that she was surprised by the time that had passed since the series made its debut in July 2016.. “You can believe that? I thought it was five years,” she claimed.

For the seasoned Hollywood star, the basic foundation of this science fiction story, are not the monsters or the alternative realities, but the affection. “The reason we are doing these crazy things is out of love. It is to try to save our beloved and also the worldRyder explained.