Will Hernán Cristante and Alfredo Talavera smoke the pipe of peace in Juárez?

After the differences they experienced in the Toluca dressing room, the Argentine coach and the Mexican goalkeeper will face each other again

The Juarez Braves they do not want to return to the bottom of the quotient table, so they are putting together a winning project for the next season of the MX League. The border squad is very close to making official the arrivals of Hernan Cristante as a technician and Alfredo Talavera as the team’s goalkeeper, as anticipated ESPNDigital.

Nevertheless, chrysanthemum Y Talavera do not have the friendliest relationship after passing through Toluca. ESPNDigital He recalled that both characters had a strong clash in his time with the Devils. However, this portal knows that at least one of the two parties is open to a new employment relationship, since they trust the maturity with which they have faced their latest sports projects.

The differences between Crystal and Talavera They date from when both coincided with the scarlet team between 2016 and 2019. It was in that period when Cristante arrived at the Red Devils, in what was his first stage as coach of the team with which he achieved glory as a goalkeeper.

As the tournaments passed, the relationship between the two was worn to the point that there was a break in the locker room, because due to the strong personality of the two, the decisions of the helmsman were not well accepted by the two-time World Cup player.

chrysanthemum chose to give Luis García Palomera the opportunity in goal when Talavera he was injured. The Argentine strategist trusted the powers of the substitute goalkeeper under the three posts, but from the board, then headed by Jaime León, they did not see favorably that Talavera did not recover his place as soon as he returned to activity.

Now, both must smoke the pipe of peace in Ciudad Juárez, since they will meet three years later in a dressing room. In the case of chrysanthemumyou are only one signature away from joining the technical direction of Juarez. While, Talavera He is tied to the border team and it only remains for him to return from his stay with the national team to be presented as one of the reinforcements of the green box.

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