Who is Teresa Ruíz, the Mexican actress who has worked with Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson?

Teresa Ruíz shares credits on “Father Stu” with Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson. Photo: AFP.

Teresa Ruíz is an actress from Oaxaca. of 33 years who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, Michael Bay and was recently chosen by Mark Wahlberg to participate in the tape “Father Stu” next to Mel Gibson.

The actress was born in Mexico and at the age of 12 she went to live in the United States because of her parents’ job, soon after she realized that she liked acting and began her studies in Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory.

“When I finished studying I saw all the projects that were being done in Mexico and I decided to return to work in my country,” confessed Teresa Ruíz in an exclusive interview for UnoTv.com.

In 2013 she was invited by the actor Martin Landau to be a member of Actor Studio, an organization made up of various professional actors led by Al Pacino.

Teresa Ruíz, the new Mexican face of Hollywood

Teresa Ruiz is one of the protagonists of the fourth season of the Netflix original series “Narcos”, plays the character Nadia Basurto in the political thriller “Here in the earth”a co-production between the production company Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna (The Gulf Stream) and Fox Networks.

The also Mexican producer appeared together with Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas in “Bordertown” Directed by Gregory Nava. Story that is based on the femicides in City Juarez Chihuahua.

starred in the movie “Round Trip” by director Gerardo Tort and for her performance in this film she won prestigious awards as best actress including the Mayahuel de Plata at the Guadalajara International Film Festival, Los Palmares in Amiens, France, La India Catalina in Colombia, the Canacine award and the Ariel award from the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

Co-starred in the film “The Delivery” with Mickey Rourke under the direction of Louis Leterrier and appeared in the American series The Last Ship by Michael Bay.

The Oaxacan who conquered Mark Wahlberg

Theresa Ruiz was chosen by Mark Wahlberg to be part of one of the most important projects of the star of Hollywood: “I had a talk with him by zoom and at that moment he told me that he wanted me to be part of the film, we had a lot of chemistry from the first moment.”

The actress was not very convinced to be part of the cast of the film “Father Stu” because he considered the script “too lyrical”.

“It took me a while to confirm that I would collaborate because I was giving the script several reads to be able to understand the story in depth. At the moment I understood that the film spoke of the spirit and the capacity for redemption and change that everyone has, but, above all, that we are always accompanied or can count on someone in a difficult moment, that’s when I decided to participate. on tape.”

Teresa Ruiz.

The cast is also made up of Mel Gibson: “My dad had always admired him for his films and it was surprising for me to work with him because you realize that the greatest are also the most generous”.

In “Father Stu”, Teresa plays Carmen, a catechism teacher who becomes the romantic partner of Stuart, played by Wahlberg: “Mark told me that Carmen was a very pretty Mexican woman and that when Stuart decided to become a priest, he What hurt him the most was leaving this beautiful Mexican because he loved her and longed for that life that Latinos sometimes have as a family unit.

Teresa Ruíz currently lives on her parents’ ranch in Oaxaca, she is open to any project that appeals to her and is grateful that today there are so many platforms for expression for actors, as there is greater diversity in the stories, in the characters and for that reason. therefore more work for the Latino community.

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