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With the star and the screenwriter of the premiere ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, the saga of ‘Jack Reacher’ novels was brought to the cinema, which have served as the basis for one of the most successful series of the year.

A chilling crime produced without apparent cause, which leaves the investigators themselves confused. The criminal has a name written on a piece of paper that he hopes will save him: Jack Recher. And behind this name is one of the greatest movie stars of all time who is played by Tom Cruise, in a character unusual for him. It is a crude and intriguing thriller counted with incredible precision that we can see in Amazon Prime Video.

Cruise has been accustoming us this decade to risking his life to make incredible shows worthy of a big screen, as in Mission: Impossible – Fallout or in the newcomer Top Gun: Maverick. But here he opted for a different register, more anchored to reality and with darker shades, trying to consolidate an adult film saga hand in hand with which he would become his right hand and with which he has created the aforementioned shows: Christopher McQuarrie.

jack reacher It is based on a series of novels by Lee Childs, which already had its first jump to the cinema in 1997 with the forgotten Dangerous Zone. Since then there has been interest in bringing the character back with different approaches, actors and filmmakers. McQuarrie, who had entered Hollywood through the grand door with the script for The usual suspects, he had a difficult period with the failure of his directorial debut Infernal Kidnapping. He had to accept many uncredited screenwriter roles until he was rescued, precisely by Cruise, for the film Valkyrie.

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Commercial success revalidated him, and he himself learned valuable lessons as a filmmaker in the process. With that experience he decided to take on the challenge of adapting jack reacher to the cinema, based on the novel A shot. Cruise was interested in the project and joined as protagonist and producer. The actor saw here the potential to play a different role than usual, with more adult ambitions and something more unpleasant, which was going to be sustained through a thriller more raw.

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The story begins with a seemingly simple case: all evidence points to the same man as the cause of the mass shooting that has claimed six innocent lives. But the detainee asks for the help of Reacher, a former military policeman turned private investigator who wanders the country to solve complicated cases.. Clearly his presence indicates that there is a bigger mystery to solve, and that will take the investigation to the darkest corners of the town.

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In addition to Cruise we can enjoy the presence of big names like Rosamund Pikeas his research partner, Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall and the filmmaker Werner Herzog as a creepy villain. But the real draw of the film is its well-handled suspense, which meticulously unravels the case thanks to precise direction, and also for its small moments of violent and physical action that are very impressive, and show Cruise’s versatility.

The film was a notable success, which opened the possibility of a saga focused on adult audiences – it is one of Cruise’s recent films that is only suitable for adults. It was not possible because of a failed sequel, Jack Reacher: Never go backwithout McQuarrie and without many of the successes of the first. The character had to find a new life through television, with the Reacher series, also on Prime Video and which has become one of the platform’s successes this year.

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