Warner offers Ben Affleck 30 million to remain Batman

Ben Affleck could still be Batman. A rumor claims that Warner has offered him 30 million to star in a crossover movie.

A recent rumor that has come to light has turned the reality of DC Extended Universe. According to this post, Warner Bros. Pictures would have offered to Ben Affleck a total of 30 million dollars to keep it Batman. The goal is for the actor and the character to appear in a crossover movie that would be an event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ben Affleck has been offered a staggering $30 million to return to the DCEU as Batman. In this way, he would lead an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths », maintains the leak.

Other sources deny the offer made by Warner Bros. Pictures

On the other hand, KC Walsh He dismissed these rumours. The journalist explained that the studio would never pay Ben Affleck as Batman more than it paid rock to make Black Adam. “This leak is totally false for one simple reason,” Walsh began. “There’s no way the studio would pay 30 million for a movie, compared to The Rock. Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor in Hollywood and will earn around 20 million for Black Adam. Therefore, this information is ridiculous.”

In addition to refuting the $30 million offer, KC Walsh revealed more about Ben Affleck’s potential role as Batman at that Hollywood event. Crisis on Infinite Earths. In fact, he explained that the Bat Man He would not be the protagonist of that DC Extended Universe crossover that the studio would plan. “I still believe that the actor will return to the film to do Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the journalist admitted. “For the last year, I have said that this project will be an event film. However, Affleck is not going to star in it nor will he be paid 30 million to do so. Warner wants his ‘Endgame moment.

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