Veja sneakers at the price you always wanted now in your outlet

The ecological shoes of Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion at a lower price

The young French Sébastien Kopp and Francois Morillion take seriously the social responsibilities of your company with the new Veja sneakers. Focus on manufacturing eco-friendly sneakersmade using organic cotton from Brazil.

The Sports shoes It has become one of the most used for all ages. Its combination is presented in all kinds of looks, from informal with jeans, to formal with guest suits. One of the greatest benefits of its use is the comfort what are they presenting.

Emma Watson with Veja sneakers

You can now get the ecological sneakers you always dreamed of at discounted prices

We are talking about the Veja sneakers from the women’s outlet section. Due to its discount, you can find these sneakers for only 86 euros. The main characteristics that form it are its double color, black and white. In addition, they are created using ecological leather that does not harm the environment.

It differs from the rest by its ecological character. Thus, the lining it presents is 33% organic cotton and 67% recycled polyester. In the same way, the insole is made of wild rubber. While the sole of the shoe is created using wild rubber from the Amazon.

The sneakers that celebrities like Emma Watson prefer to wear

These ecological sneakers have become one of the main targets for celebrities. Thus, we have been able to see how the same celebrities like Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Eddie Redmayne dressed. Which have affirmed more than once the commitment they feel with the sustainability of the planet.

In the case of Meghan Markle, she decided on the Veja Esplar Leather Sneakers that are priced at $134. Its main characteristic is that it is made of silk. In addition, the prevailing color is white, very combinable, while the letter V appears in black.

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