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Nightmarish Honeymoon is a 1974 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film. The title could also be applied to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s honeymoon trip. While they were traveling on the Orient Express, a train with cinematographic resonances, the actor was about to strangle her and she left him with a black eye. That is, at least, what they have declared in a trial in which neither of them is coming out very well. As of their relationship, by the looks of it.

This Wednesday it was Depp who took the stand again. He arrived at the Fairfax courthouse amid cries of support from his supporters, some dressed as pirate Jack Sparrow, one of his iconic characters. He heard the exculpatory statement from Kate Moss, his former girlfriend, and a while later he was called to testify. the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean He was this Wednesday dressed in a dark suit with a vest, a blue shirt and a patterned tie. He was wearing his usual rings and earrings, his ponytail, and round smoked glasses.

His statement was intended to refute and counter the one made by his ex-wife. He had already been the first to intervene in the trial, assuring that he had never hit a woman and that in his marriage he had been the victim. But then Heard had accused him of hitting her and even raping her with a bottle. There is no possibility of reconciling the two versions. At least one of the two is lying. Depp took the stand yesterday to convince the jury that he is the one telling the truth.

Photograph of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with employees of the Orient Express, during their honeymoon, provided as evidence and in which the actor states that it can be seen that he had a black eye due to a blow from his ex-wife.
Photograph of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with employees of the Orient Express, during their honeymoon, provided as evidence and in which the actor states that it can be seen that he had a black eye due to a blow from his ex-wife.

The court was shown several images of Depp with Heard on their honeymoon, in which he appears with a black eye, with what Depp described as “a little bruise”. When asked how he had gotten the wound that appears in a photo in the Orient Express dining car in which they both pose with train cooks, Depp, after an initial circumlocution that was interrupted by the actress’s lawyer, returned formulate his response: “Mrs. Heard hit me. Better this way?

“There were times when it was very nice, very beautiful,” she said of her honeymoon trip on the train. “And then there were times when something had become unsatisfying for her, and she would start to rant,” the actor explained.

The version contrasts with the one given by the actress last week when she declared about the same trip: “It was a small and narrow sleeping car, and there were two beds, one on each side. He had me against the wall as he stood on the floor between the beds, and I was on the bed half on my knees, half on my feet, trying to get his arms off my neck. And he pressed my neck against the boxcar for what seemed like a very long time.” She said that she was afraid that Depp would accidentally kill her.

Amber Heard, during the trial session this Wednesday.
Amber Heard, during the trial session this Wednesday.

The versions are just as opposite in the episode of the bottle. While he says that he lost the tip of a finger because she threw it at him, the actress maintains that her husband did not hurt himself with any bottle and that, on the contrary, he raped her with one of hers.

But beyond each insisting on their versions of the facts, Depp yesterday made an apparently meaningful allegation about his sincerity.

“It’s crazy to hear the appalling accusations of violence, of sexual violence, that she attributes to me, that she accuses me of,” Depp said. “I don’t think anyone likes having to open up and tell the truth, but there are times when you just have to because things have gotten out of hand. Awful. Ridiculous. Humiliating. playful Painful. Wild. Unimaginably brutal. Cruel. And all false. All fake. No human being is perfect, but I have never committed sexual assault or physical abuse, “he said before the attentive gaze of his ex-wife, just a few meters away. “This is not easy for any of us, I know, but no matter what happens. I have come this far and I have told the truth,” he concluded.

Even the photographs used by both parties are not convincing evidence. In the trial it has been suggested that both those that show signs on Depp’s face and on Heard’s may be manipulated, digitally altered or not correspond to aggression.

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for an article he published on Washington Post in December 2018. In it, Heard defined herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse, without expressly citing her ex-husband. Depp claims 50 million dollars from her ex-wife. The actress counterattacked with a claim of 100 million dollars to the actor. They both believe that her careers were harmed because of the other person. The trial is being held in Fairfax County, Virginia, because that is where the newspaper’s presses are located.

The oral hearing of the trial is expected to end this Friday with the presentation of the conclusions of the parties. The jury will then retire to deliberate and reach a verdict. But it will not be a final sentence. There are already legal experts who anticipate an appeal from the losing party or even both. And they may even question whether the trial was held in the proper court. Everything could have to start over in California, where they both reside. Time and judges will tell.

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