Tonight May 24 Russell Crowe is Noah in Darren Aronofsky’s film

For our column To see on TV we point out tonight, May 24, the biblical film “Noah” (2014) of Darren Aronofsky up Rai 4 at 21.20 with an exceptional cast and who sees Russell Crowe in the role of Noah.

It is the story of the construction of Noah’s Ark to save the world from the catastrophic global flood. To Noah through visions, signs and dreams, God foretells that a universal Flood will hit the Earth to eliminate all sinners. Salvation will be for the few. Aware of the imminent catastrophe and of the task assigned to him by God, Noah with his family builds an Ark destined to house his and every animal species to ensure their survival. While diligently carrying out what has been asked of him, Noah, a man and father of a family, also faces a complex conflict with the world around him brutalized by violence and depravity.
Four years after his last film, “The Black Swan”, Darren Aronofsky directs an epic drama with a biblical background which, as mentioned, sees the protagonist Russell Crowe who gives the public a tormented and unpublished Noah.

Written by Aronofsky with Ari Handel and John Logan, the film offers a spectacular reading of the famous biblical tale of the Ark and the Great Flood, with disaster-movie sequences and a massive use of the fantasy element. However, the characterization of Noah and his family is thorough and by no means trivial. Beyond any stereotype, a rather strong philosophical core, and destined to divide the audience, as had already happened with “The Tree of Life”, gives strength to high-profile visual effects and CG to give life to the crew composed from the fauna destined to repopulate the Earth (the rendering of the various animals of the Ark was a real challenge for the Industrial Light & Magic that took care of the visual effects, but the result is truly incredible). The first-rate cast sees the presence of Jennifer Connelly And Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman.

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