Tilda Swinton and the power of red lipstick on the red carpet

tilda swinton red lipstick red carpet cannes chanel

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    Coinciding with the end of indoor masks, this spring/summer 2022 season, lipstick has regained prominence in makeup that Covid-19, indirectly, had “stolen” him. After two long years covering the lower part of the face, the mouth and everything that this entails in terms of beauty has once again become the center of attention. A fact that has not taken long to be reflected on the red carpet.

    In this time we have witnessed the success of shades such as coral or vermilion, however, the eternal red lipstick is still the favorite option of celebrities and influencers to shine. Nicole Kidman made it clear at the Oscars and now, Tilda Swinton has done the same on the French Riviera, during the Cannes Film Festival.

    three thousand years of longing trois mille ans at attendre red carpet the 75th annual cannes film festival

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    The British interpreter has become one of the names of the film competition with a clear commitment to “less is more”. One of the bases of her most personal style. Tilda has revolutionized the red carpet with unconventional looks in which precisely the makeup (or on some occasions the hairstyle) has grabbed the attention. We found a good example this weekend during the presentation of the film Three Thousand Years of Longing where Tilda Swinton combined a dark blue dress with rhinestones in the neck area that marked her figure with a make up in which red lips were the (only) great protagonists.

    chanel red lips

    Courtesy Chanel/ Photographer: Virgile Guinard

    The interpreter once again trusted the Chanel team to achieve a simple but successful make-up in which her face was uniform and natural, thanks to the use of the French house’s acclaimed makeup base No. 1 and a light blush. Her eyes totally uncovered managed to put the focus on the area of ​​​​the mouth and on red lipstick, balm camellia Chanel, for which Swinton had opted.

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    Tilda Swinton’s is the latest example of the power of red lipstick to bring elegance and sophistication to the face without giving up sensuality. A daring tone that is flattering at any age, that knows no time or trends.

    three thousand years of longing trois mille ans at attedre red carpet the 75th annual cannes film festival

    Samir HusseinGetty Images

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