Thinking of doing the 100 push-up challenge? Better try this alternative

One of the easiest challenges to try to grow the chest and arms is the popular 100 push up challenge. It’s easy and cheap: you have to do a hundred pushes every day. There are those who do it for a month or those who are encouraged to do them every day of the year. Is a effective routine that has had, has and will have many followers, but it is not simple and it is not the best.

That’s what holds Jeff Cavaliere, fitness youtuber and trainer for Athlean-X. The expert dedicated one of his popular videos to demystify this challenge emphasizing its negative aspects of the popular challenge. Although it does not stop there, it also offers a alternative which you think is better.

It is better to perform modified push-ups to make them more demanding

It is better to perform modified push-ups to make them more demanding

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It’s demanding at first, then it’s a waste of time

Cavaliere maintains that reaching one hundred push-ups can be a challenge during the first days of this routine. However, the body will increasingly need try less to be able to reach this number and the progress will simply be zero. For example, there will be those who can do 70 push-ups in a row and those who cannot do more than ten per series. In this sense, the first will hardly make an effort to reach one hundred while the second will be in front of a challenge. Although there will come a time when you can also do a large number of repetitions in a row and you will be in the same situation as the first.

In other words: with the challenge of a hundred push-ups they will be doing reps to do. And the worst of all is that, in addition to not build muscleyou can get irritation, inflammation and injuries in the joints involved in the exercise.

Variations in search of difficulty

“For the muscle gains to keep coming, you’re going to have to rethink a few things,” he says in his video. According to Cavaliere, they must introduce variations in push-ups to perform a maximum of 20 repetitions and, at the same time, to focus the work on the triceps or shoulders to unload part of the work done by the chest.

Another of Cavaliere’s tips is to put aside that imposing number 100 and challenge yourself based on skill level. Thus, the expert recommends performing five sets of push-upsto choose from all those that exist based on the level of difficulty, and always stay below the failure.

After each series, which has an indeterminate number of repetitions because each person is different, they must perform 20 repetitions of push-ups Superman. Therefore, one hundred repetitions of this variation will be done plus all those repetitions that can be done based on the level of each one. In this way, it is ensured that there is always progress building muscle and escaping from the stagnation that occurs when you always do the same repetitions and the same variations.

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