They discover Mercado Libre charging “months” with interest in Hot Sale

  • Mercado Libre is positioned as the most present e-commerce website among Mexican consumers.

  • The Hot Sale is shown as a good opportunity for brands to increase their income, by creating attractive discounts.

  • Brands can regain the trust of lost customers if they provide effective post-sale follow-up.

A user “discovered” that Mercado Libre is charging months with interest during the Hot Salebut customer service showed its efficiency by giving an effective follow-up to the non-conformity of its client.

The electronic commerce has managed to position itself as an efficient consumption alternative among users from all over the world, who can access, compare and acquire the offer of countless companies in the face of their most complicated demands, where some brands have managed to position themselves better in the Mexican market through comparison of others.

According to the graph shown by Statista on the top ecommerce websites in mexico As of 2021 by total number of visitors, Mercado Libre led by registering 1.3 billion users, Amazon came second with 698 million of these, Coppel third with 334 million, Walmart fourth with 287 million and Liverpool fifth. with 193 million, among other well-known brands such as PromoDiscounts, eBay, Bodega Aurreráetc.

Taking into account the high presence of digital consumers in e-commerce platforms, thousands of users found themselves waiting for the Hot Sale dates to make some purchases with promotions and discounts that they had possibly waited all year to realize; however, brands have shown particular ingenuity when it comes to modifying prices and applying promotions.

Taking into account these tentative dates to make purchases through offers on e-commerce platforms, a user has chosen to enter Mercado Libre to take advantage of the opportunities that this Hot Sale has to offer.

He also mentions that after buying countless products (as he should) he realized that the platform was charging him interest on all his purchases for months, but he repented and fortunately the brand’s customer service gave him a cash follow-up by returning all your money and thus avoid being one more victim of the discounts on hot sale.

This inconsistency that the consumer experienced is mainly due to the fact that he did not review the terms, conditions and specifications well at the time of making his purchases. impulse buys during the hot salebut it is also worth emphasizing the fast follow-up by the brand’s customer service, which demonstrated an efficient quality that was essential to retain the user’s trust in the e-commerce company.

Currently it is not enough “only” for companies and brands to offer good quality or variety of products to consumers, but they must ensure that they provide you with the best shopping experience, even if they demonstrated a deficiency or error along the way.

Information from Zendesk shows that as of 57 percent of consumers find in customer service a particular attraction that makes them feel loyal to a brandso companies have the opportunity to regain the trust of their consumers, even after having witnessed an inconsistency in their service.

Example of brands that have shown how to win back a lost customer we have it with Alpura, when a consumer bought a product from the brand that was spoiled and, subsequently, the company’s customer service chose to liven up her negative experience with some gifts brought directly to her home.

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