These are the best Ray Liotta movies

Tsadly, this afternoon it has been confirmed the passing of Ray Liotta at the age of 67. The actor, awarded with the Emmy Award for Best Guest Actor in a drama series for his role in ‘ER‘, has left us after an entire career dedicated to cinema. The American, who participated in dozens of films throughout his career, has given much of himself during all these years. And that is why today we want to review what they are, in effect, Ray Liotta’s 7 Best Movies.


He is not one of the leading actors, far from it, but we cannot forget the appearance of Ray Liotta in which he claims to be one of the most famous movies and sagas of all time. Indeed, the American back in the 2000s, was part of the cast of the sequel to the famous film ‘The silence of the lambs’. Other great actors appeared in it, such as Anthony Hopkins in the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling.

A liotta We remember him for his performance Paul Krendlera politically ambitious Justice Department official who worked undercover alongside Mansor Verger during the hunt for the killer.

field of dreams

The actor was able to boast of sharing the spotlight with Kevin Cosner in ‘Field of Dreams’, 1989 film in which I played the baseball player ShoelessJoe Jackson. It is a sports drama, but in which there is also room for humor. The feature film received good reviews and received 3 nominations for the Oscar Awards in 1989 for “Best Film”, “Best Adapted Screenplay” and “Best Soundtrack”.

One of ours

The best movie of liotta, and by which most people will remember him. Considered one of the best films about the mafia and winner of numerous awards. In ‘One of ours’the recently deceased actor plays Henry Hill, a 13 year old boy brooklyn who lives fascinated with the world of gangsters and when he grows up he fulfills his dream by entering that world. Masterpiece directed by Martin Scorsese and with a cast like with Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci. The film follows the rise and fall of three criminals over three decades.

John Q.

Tell the story of the owner John Quincy Archibaldinterpreted by Denzel Washington. In it, the protagonist cannot afford a heart transplant necessary to save the life of his son. And he decides to go to the hospital and use force to make sure the surgery is done. Ray Liotta plays Gus Monroea police chief who oversees the situation.

something wild

Here he interprets Ray Sinclair, an emotionally unstable man. Funny thriller in a comic key where Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta were fighting over Melanie Griffith. Directed in 1986 by Jonathan Deme.


Ray Liotta plays an escaped convict in disguise, shares a cast with John Cusack. It is an adaptation of a Agatha Christie novel. The film is about 10 strangers who get caught up in a storm: a limousine driver, a tv star from the 80’s, a policeman escorting a murderer, a prostitute, a newlywed couple and a family in crisis. They all take shelter in a motel. Little by little the characters die one by one.

story of a marriage

One of his last papers. Ray Liotta is part of the supporting cast and plays Jay Morattathe second lawyer Charlie (Adam Driver). The film, which had very good reviews, is about a theater director and his wife, an actress, who struggle to overcome a divorce that takes them to extremes both personally and creatively. In addition to learning to live together to achieve stability in the life of his little son.

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