The strange attitude of Amber Heard in the trial with Johnny Depp: why imitates the actor’s wardrobe after each session?

ANDhe trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is being one of the most followed in Hollywood history and every day more details are known about the stormy relationship that the two lived both in their years of dating and in their year and a half of disastrous marriage.

The audios, the threats, the mistreatment, the infidelities… A year and a half is a long time and in the daily trial sessions held in Fairfax (Virginia, USA) all the dirty laundry is being brought to light. In addition to this, we are also witnessing a peculiar and rare custom that directly concerns Heard, who is copying the outfits of his ex-husband the day after wearing them.

Why does he do it? All the theories seem to point to a psychological practice shared by Karen Pine, PhD in developmental psychology and professor at the University of Hertfordshire, called ‘vested cognition’.

What is Heard’s vested cognition?

According to the psychology platform that came up with this Pine theory, clothing influences the emotions of the person who wears it and all those who look at it.

“Dressing the same means fellowship, loyalty, ‘the same tribe, the same army, the same school.’ ) and it is clear that Amber Heard is sending signals to Johnny not to be harsh with her in court,” several users say on the Facebook platform.

Amber Heard’s strategy to weaken Johnny Depp

This will be done in order to “emotionally abandon” Johnny Depp to weaken him. “Everything indicates that she is being advised by a psychologist. As can be seen in the broadcasts, she is looking for eye contact with Johnny all the time,” they point out.

However, it can be seen how Johnny is also advised in this trial, since he does not enter into her game, and does not fall into the game of intimacy imposed by his ex-wife.

Of course, at the level of social opinion, Depp is ahead in the contest, since Heard is coming off as the bad guy in history.

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