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Lucille Ball was a revolutionary, so much so that once she was sitting on the bench of those suspected of being part of the communist party, when in the United States of 1953 it came to prosecute to many artists for having ties to that party.

“The only thing my wife has is her hair, her husband and partner on the small screen, Desi Arnaz, said at the time when she was acquitted. Lucille Ball caused a stir and millions of dollars with her show I Love Lucy and managed to break many schemes being the main character of a comedy in which the life of a housewife was the center of all events.

But she wasn’t your typical wife. In that production he made reference to problems experienced by women, he claimed the fact of being the star above the female character and even his show was one of those that tried to record its episodes with an audience present, use several cameras and have several sets in the same space.

In addition, the protagonist was the producer and was the creator of Desilu Studios, which she commanded with her husband for many years. There they took to record mythical series such as Star Trek or Los untouchables.

All this offers the perfect panorama to understand how his image and legacy have had a new stage through a film, a documentary and a series on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. Lucille Ball is once again on the lips of the new generations with examples such as the powerful Being the Ricardos, a film by Aaron Sorkin that precisely reveals the most critical moment when the empire of the Ball/Arnaz couple was one step away from being destroyed and It also explores life as a couple and even the tensions over power and notoriety that this romantic and creative alliance distilled.

With Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem in the main rolesthe film was nominated for two Oscars and manages to offer more human and complex nuances of the couple that seemed to only have life in front of the cameras and for a show that was seen by more than 15 million people in each broadcast.

to the fever for Lucy was also joined by comedian Amy Poehler.who directed the documentary Lucy and Desi, which follows the well-known route of taking advantage of a large amount of archive material, audio and testimonials to reveal details of the relationship of the perfect couple of television, who would divorce after 20 years of marriage.

“I didn’t have to recreate anything, they were for many years the most photographed couple in the business and they lived incredibly public lives,” Poehler said when he presented the production at the Sundance Film Festival.

The proposal speaks of the rise, fall and unconditional love of this pair of celebrities, but at the same time pays tribute to the progress that Ball achieved within a macho industry and that initially did not look favorably on his relationship with a Cuban immigrant who sometimes escaped media attention with his band playing Babalú.

A risky turn

“I think it is Lucy’s personality that makes everyone love her, her mind is in chaos, she is a person who is struggling hard to have a normal day in life and does not achieve it, that is maintained and from there it arises comedy”, he reflects Mexican actress Natalia Téllez, who together with Daniel Tovar star in ‘Todo por Lucy’, a story inspired by I Love Lucy, but that imposes a contemporary and Latin flavor to the narrative.

This new look manages to escape the traditional packaging in which the episodes of the original production were conceived: a wife dedicated to the home and with a husband in charge of providing everything for the home, giving way to a young couple trying to deal with their new life of coexistence and that faces between joke and joke, the difficult passage to an affective maturity of the new generations.

“I feel that it is very generational that people are taking longer to take the steps that have to do with the traditional family structure, having children, getting married and I think that Lucy is afraid of having a commitment, but she is not afraid of it. to love”, explained the Mexican progatonist.

By contrast, the original production Lucy was clear about the solidity of her love, but she was eagerly looking for spaces to express herself as a woman, as a friend. A goal that she continued to seek, when after divorcing Desi Arnaz, she managed to reinvent herself with The Lucy Show, in which she played a single woman who was trying to make her way in the world and who wanted to leave a great legacy, just like her protagonist. in real life. Her new and nostalgic looks at her life show that she fulfilled that mission.

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