The naughty joke of the judge in court that baffled Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: what did he mean?

For 21 days, Penney Azcarate has seen parade before her the battery of witnesses that the defense of both Johnny Depp as Amber Heard presented. Psychologists, surgeons, nurses and even celebrities testified in the defamation trial that the star of Pirates of the Caribbean It began against the actress, and where they aired from romances with high-profile characters to fights that ended with rooms being destroyed. Of good character, but no less strict for that, this Wednesday, the judge slipped a joke when she was about to announce one of the recesses. “Let’s take a break… And don’t break anything on the way out”he expressed mischievously.

The joke that Azcarate starred in took place after Depp’s statement, just before announcing the interruption of the session for lunch. Previously, the actor testified about a comment Heard made about his relationship with Kate Moss and where he would have allegedly thrown her down some stairs during the time they were a couple in the 1990s. Johnny denied the allegation in its entirety. and gave his version of the facts.

After hearing the judge's comment, Johnny Depp was heard laughing while Amber Heard remained silent (Credit: YouTube video capture / Law & Crime Channel)
After hearing the judge’s comment, Johnny Depp was heard laughing while Amber Heard remained silent (Credit: YouTube video capture / Law & Crime Channel)

On Tuesday of last week, the actress declared that in 2015 she had a fight with Johnny, where he allegedly hit Whitney, the actress’s sister, who was near some stairs. This is one more of the violent episodes that she denounced that she experienced during her marriage.

The model came up in Amber’s story when she said that, in the midst of anguish, “Kate Moss and the stairs incident” immediately came to mind, and then she explained what she meant. This is one of the many testimonies that Azcarate and the jury have heard for more than five weeks since the trial began on April 11.

The judge made a joke and Johnny Depp and Amber Heard reacted differently

In accordance with her competence and criteria, the judge allowed hours and hours of testimony where heard from the actors themselves how objects were thrown, physically hurt and started fights that ended with rooms being shattered and various body parts injured. The expression “don’t break anything when you leave” from Azcarate It could have been a joke about the number of violent acts that are a central part of the arguments of the parties. While Depp burst out laughing as soon as he heard the comment, Heard remained silent..

The argument in Australia that ended with the finger of Johnny Depp

Since the trial began, one of the most sensitive revelations was a fight that the couple starred in March 2015 in Australia, and that left Johnny Depp missing part of his middle finger. At that time, the actor was seen with a bandage on his right hand, but the reason was never known.

Johnny Depp pointed to the court where he cut his finger
Johnny Depp pointed to the court where he cut his fingerarchive

According to the version of Johnny, his then wife assaulted him while he was having a few drinks at the house bar. The discussion began with shouts and insults, but ended with objects in the air and blood spilled all over the place, after she allegedly throw a bottle of vodka at him.

For his part, Heard described the events in a completely different way and assured that he never saw specifically how the injury occurred, but that it took place one night when he, enraged and drunk, sexually assaulted her with a bottle of liquor.

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